Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Taking a break!

                                                      Seems like he's having a great time!

Second Week

So the MTC is great. Christmas in the MTC was amazing. Oh and I got a ton of packages and candy from everyone for Christmas so tell them thanks.  Elder Bednar spoke to us for a devotional. He did a question and answer session. It was broadcasted to all of the other MTC's. The way it worked is every MTC handed out hundreds of cell phones. It was CRAZY!!! We would then text our question to a number and the question would show up on Elder Bednar's iPad. I was tempted to text you guys when I got the cell phone, but Elder Bednar said if we did that he would find us and do bad things to us... Ha-ha he's much more laid back when he speaks in the MTC. But he speaks with such power. For the rest of Christmas we did some cool activities. Me and the people in my room woke up early to open presents that we got from people. It was great! It was awesome to have a Christmas completely centered around the Savior. Other than Christmas, I've been basically sitting in a classroom all day, learning and preparing lessons that we teach to our "investigators" in Swedish. Swedish is hard!!! But I'm slowly getting it. Our teachers ALWAYS speak Swedish, but it's nice because now, I can understand what they are saying like 80 percent back. I just can't reply in Swedish. Our favorite word to say in Swedish is investigator: undersokare. When you say it, it sounds like under-shook-ad-rrree. We have a lot of fun and work hard. Swedish just has some weird grammar rules. Church in Swedish is spelled, Kyrka, but pronounced Sheerka. Well everything is going well. The food is great. And I'm trying to have some self-control!! The food here is really crazy! They just give you doughnuts, and whatever the heck they can fry. I'm trying to stay somewhat healthy.  Tonight we will be having our AWESOME New Year’s Celebration… at 9:00, since lights are out at 10:00.  We are having a General Authority speak to us tonight at our devotional.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Well guys... Christmas in the MTC is amazing. How was this morning? Any cool presents? Thank you so much for my gifts!!! They are so awesome!!! That apron was making me crack up... and I asked for pictures of our family in the letters I just sent, so that works out great! Too bad I can't listen to my ipod yet... We aren't allowed to listen to music in the MTC. But I will be ready to use it right when I get into the field. So last night we got to hear from a member of the seventy and his wife, Elder Evans. It was such a spiritual meeting. I promise that you get the true meaning of Christmas by revolving it through Christ, and the best way to do this is to serve others. Last night I sung in the MTC choir and it was so spiritual. Me and the elders in my residence read the Christmas story in Luke before we went to bed. I just love Christmas in the MTC. I'm a little home sick, but I know nothing is better then for me to be here at this time. So, last night during the meeting I was sitting there and I kept thinking, what is my family doing right now. You were probably eating a late dinner and getting ready to read or act out the nativity! I hope you all have a great Christmas! I love you so much! I sent each of you letters yesterday and I know you're going to get it way after Christmas, but I hope you can still enjoy them. Well next week you guys will be hearing all about the talk given by which member of the 12 is speaking! Have a great Christmas. I love you all!!!
Aldste Kapp

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

These are my roommates!! We were so happy when we got a Christmas tree!!!!!  (Jake's companion is on the left.)

I'm great!!! As soon as I walked in the doors of the MTC I got my emotions together and I've been great ever since! My companion is great!!! WE work so hard and have A LOT of fun!! He's like a brother. We really are so close. Last night we got our nerf guns and knocked on the Elders from England's door, and attacked them. They ended up chasing us with their water bottles. We were running down the hallway at full speed yelling, "The British are coming!!!!" It was so funny. We have a lot of fun and are working really hard!

These are all the missionaries going to Sweden.

Friday, December 20, 2013



I just have some big news for you.  Today the branch Presidency called me to be the district leader.  My district is all of the Swedish missionaries and the Norwegian missionary (he’s alone!)  Altogether there are 12 of us.  It’s crazy!!! I have like 5 meetings a week and have to get the mail every day.  I thought the schedule was already hectic.  I’m a little overwhelmed, but I know the Spirit will guide me.  I love my district.  We are all so close!

Oh…and tomorrow, each companionship has to teach an “investigator” (who really is an MTC employee usually).  Here’s the catch…We have to teach in Swedish and the investigator is fluent.  I guess we will try out this “gift of tongues” thing.  Well, I will give you more info on P-Day.  I love you guys and I love the MTC!

Aldste Kapp

Oh P.S….I’m eating well, but running a mile a day.  I still might gain weight!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Letter 12-18-13

Mom, Dad, & Family,

Here’s the first letter! Wow, what a day.  I’m absolutely loving it.  After I got my name tag and everything, I dropped my bags off and went straight to class, where the teacher only spoke Swedish.  It was very difficult to understand.  So….We have 11 Swedish Missionaries.  3 of them are from England and are so funny!!! Their accents make everything funny.  There is 1 Finnish missionary…He’s kind of always in his own world, but it’s funny! There’s one Swedish Sister.  I kind of feel bad because her companions are Russian Missionaries and in class she’s by herself with a bunch of guys.  We make sure she gets extra respect!  My companion is Elder Dawning.  He is the one I have been messaging on Facebook.  He is awesome!  I’m grateful to have a hardworking companion.  I have to cut this one short but you will be getting a long email on P-Day, which is Tuesday.  I love you guys!!


Aldste Kapp

MTC Arrival 12-18-13