Monday, January 27, 2014

Last week of the MTC

Well here's for my last week at the MTC. I love this place but I am READY to leave. We got our flight plans. We have to wake up at 3:00 A.M. Monday morning to be at the MTC travel office at 4:35. Our flight takes off at 9:50 A.M. and from there we fly straight to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We then fly from the Netherlands to Sweden. We are projected to arrive in Sweden at 10:10 a.m., the next day. This past week has been great. We have been really winding down on our studies trying to get in as much last minute information in as we can. We are still teaching our two investigators. They are really progressing. We are planning on passing them on to some really hard working Dutch elders in our zone, to hopefully finish what we started. It's been very exciting. Other then that, we've been just doing the same, classroom and studying. We haven't heard anything about our visa's so even though we have our flight plans there may be a chance that a few of us may not be leaving to Sweden just quite yet. Who knows!! The MTC has been great though. Can't wait to go out and serve now and stop being fat from this endless buffet. Well I love you guys! Next blog post will be coming from Sweden!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Baptism in the MTC???

Well, it's been a great week at the MTC. I'm loving it here, but I am certainly ready to leave!! We are teaching 2 investigators, they are not related but are both from Roy and take the Frontrunner down. They both have close friends who are members and saw the light and wanted it in their lives. They are both committed to baptism. Whether they will be baptized before Elder Downing and I leave the MTC, I don't know. They are really progressing so fast, and I know the Lord prepared them to hear the gospel. We got a surprise visit from Elder Bednar this week, which was amazing. Luckily, my companion and I got there early and were sitting in the sixth row. We may or may not have gotten an inside rumor that he was coming and snuck in the auditorium before they were letting the missionaries in ;) It was well worth it! He shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon, and was the most powerful testimony of it that I have ever heard. If I could take him with me and have him bare the same testimony for every lesson, I'm pretty sure everyone would be baptized, after the first lesson! It was awesome! Well I love you guys. The mission field is great and I can't wait to get out to Sweden once my work here is done!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Temple Day

Today Jake was able to go to the the temple again. He saw Donny Osmond in the temple. Yesterday when they went on a temple walk there were a bunch of protestors on the sidewalk with signs yelling at them. He said the persecutions was just a reminder that the church is true.  No other religion has so many people going after it.  It makes sense that Satan would go after the one and only true church.  He's teaching a couple of new investigators right now, one from Roy.  I guess the MTC lets visitors come into the MTC that have questions, and missionaries get to teach them.  He said he should be getting his travel plans this week.  He's working hard to learn the language.  One of his roommates said he was speaking Swedish in his sleep the other night--and it was the best Swedish he had ever spoken!  So if he's speaking it in his sleep, he must be getting it!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Roommates and I

                                             P-day and a trip across the street to the Temple.

Week 3

Well this week has been pretty awesome. We did our first TRC, (training resource center). Basically you just talk to people in Swedish and share a spiritual thought with them. The first guy we talked to was Robert. He's in his 80's and served his mission in Sweden. He doesn't remember hardly any Swedish though so we mostly taught him in English. The next people we talked to were actually Swedes and they aren't members either. They were 18 and 19 years old. The girl is a nanny in Utah, and has been investigating the church. The guy was raised in the church but fell away at a really young age. He was just visiting family in Utah. We talked about the restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an awesome experience. We were like best friends after 20 minutes. The spirit was so strong and it got me so excited to teach Swedish people!

Just two nights ago, we were able to teach an actual investigator (in English). Her name is Leah, and basically she's an employee of the MTC. They pay her to investigate the church. She's been investigating the church for almost a year... Me and Elder Downing think the reason she's not converted yet, is because if she was baptized she wouldn't have a job. But we are going to push her with commitments and hopefully have better success.

The language is coming. I learned how to say "speed."-Fart. So in Sweden we will see a bunch of signs that say Fart Limit-Speed Limit. Pretty funny!!! I promise I'm learning important words though too! The mission is great. It's getting hard and I miss home, but I just gotta keep pushing on! Love you all.

Elder Kapp