Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The ones he really wants, He locks them in His church!

Sorry I am writing later! We did our proselyting in the morning today. But this week has been good!! We have been teaching a lot of new people and we picked up a new really positive investigator! His name is Fredrick... haha it is a pretty funny story how we found him! So we have open church twice a week. It is something the mission president asks that we are there for a couple of hours to allow people to come in and visit. We usually just plan and set up appointments during this time... But anyways... So we just got done with open church, locked up, and started walking off. All of a sudden the alarm in the church went off and we look back and this guy was pounding on the door!! (haha they don't unlock from the inside apparently?) We go back and let him out.  I guess he was just walking on the walking trail next to the church and saw that it was open and just went into the chapel and sat there like someone would in any other church. Well, he is actually this super cool guy. He is only 23 and we have been meeting with him a couple times. Moral of the story... the Lord puts people in your path as a missionary, and the ones he really wants, He locks them in His church ;). We are still teaching Roger, and working on a program to help him quit smoking, and he has a date to be baptized on the first of June. We are also teaching a lot of others and working with some less actives. The ward wants us to work hard with the YSAs, because there are quite a bit of less active ones in the ward, so we have been trying to get them to institute and whatnot. Oh and transfers are this week, and me and my comp are both staying in Alingsås. I'm happy about that because I love Alingsås, but from interviews and whatnot, I got the impression I was transferring. But nothing to complain about!! We had stake conference this last week, which was really good.  President and Sister Newell spoke and gave great talks, that I felt really applied to me and the spirit was very strong! Well I love you guys. Have such a great week!! 
Elder Kapp

Monday, April 21, 2014

Baptism and Easter Weekend! Wahooo!!!

Hey guys,
I guess I will start off by saying that the baptism actually happened and was very good. But, I have to say that the power of Satan is more real than ever when these investigators commit to baptism. Holy cow!! It was stressful!! We didn't know if the baptism was actually going to happen until like an hour before the baptism. Satan was just doing everything possible, throwing every obstacle in the way to stop Aurora from following through. BUT, she fought through it and was baptized. My old comp, Äldste Svensson baptized her and she is going to be confirmed this next Sunday, we hope! It is stake conference, but the ward is going to try and work something out, because we don't want to wait too long for her to be confirmed! It is amazing to see the changes and happiness that comes from living after the gospel. Aurora has been through a lot, but has found true happiness!! But anyways... let me back up a little bit and tell you what else has happened this week. Most of it has just been preparing for the baptism, but we taught a lot of other people, too. On Thursday I was on splits with Elder Morley, who is from England originally but has lived in Stockholm for the last 4 years. He is a convert and was baptized only 2 years ago. Super cool guy and a good missionary! On Friday night, we had 6 missionaries sleeping in our apartment and it was nuts!!! We got up on Saturday morning and me and the other American missionaries went and played basketball with the Stake President and the 2nd counselor in our ward. They are surprisingly amazing at basketball!! And then we had the baptism, which went really well. I just gave a talk and was a witness ;) Easter here has been one of my favorite experiences in Sweden so far! It is a lot bigger in Sweden, even though most people don't celebrate it for the right reasons, ha ha. But we went to Göteborg last night, to a ward there, and they had a music concert about Jesus Christ. It was really good and you could tell they put a ton of work into it. The spirit was so strong. Although it wasn't the same as Easter at home, it was great to center Easter on Jesus Christ. Oh and thanks for the Easter basket family! Well, the weather is perfect here! Transfers are coming up... I hope I don't get transferred... I am learning to really love this area. If I do get transferred, I hope I will at least stay in the Göteborg area. Well, I love you guys so much. Hope your Easter was good!
Äldste Kapp

Monday, April 14, 2014

Baptism coming up this week!!

Hey guys,
Wow what a week! First I have to start by saying, Aurora will be baptized this Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. She has overcome her Word of Wisdom problems and is so ready and VERY excited for this day, which she has worked quite hard and has gone through some big trials to get here. We are so proud of her. And it is pretty significant happening on the weekend of Easter. The ward is giving her a ton of support and she is doing very well. They haven't had a baptism in this area for 4 years, so the ward is pretty stoked! So earlier this week, we helped set up and support a family for the funeral of their mother. It went well, we mostly just set up everything for the luncheon and then took off to go to an appointment. Also this week, we set up a new baptismal date with Roger, who was a referral from Aurora. Like Aurora, he has to overcome a lot of Word of Wisdom problems, but he knows that and wants to stop. He is scheduled to be baptized on June 1st! On Saturday we were at the church the entire to day to help with a youth activity they had for all of the youth in the Göteborg Stake. There we about 80 youth there. It started off with some career workshops, where they had different people talk and do presentations on their careers. Later in the day, they had a spiritual meeting scheduled, where the Stake Patriarch would speak, but apparently his wife got really sick... so of course they said, "Oh let's just ask the missionaries to talk!" Ha ha once again I would have to say the gift of tongues is real!! I was able to speak clearly in the meeting. It was pretty amazing! So I will have to finish saying... we have member meals almost every night and members are even taking us out to lunch sometimes. Long story short... I am trying to battle it, but I am putting on weight!!! Oh well, most areas do not get fed nearly this much so I have time to lose it... I hope... Well I love you guys. Have such a great week and a good Easter weekend!! 

Äldste Kapp

                                              Pictures of us at youth activity.

Picture of us with Påskmust, which is a soft drink they have around easter!
(Jake's companion looks a lot like Erik in this picture!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Week!!

Hey guys, 
Hope you had a great week and enjoyed conference! Also, Mom, I hope you had a great birthday. Happy birthday!! Hope it was good. So this last week was good. Earlier this week I was able to give my first priesthood blessing, in Swedish. I was pretty nervous, but right after I said the beginning part, the spirit filled me and words just starting pouring out in Swedish. It was a cool experience and something I know I could not do on my own. The blessing I gave was to a member, who asked to meet with us. Her and her sister live in the ward and are about 50. Their mom just passed away and the one sister asked me to give her a blessing! This has been a week of a lot of service! We were walking to an appointment and had a little time and saw this family moving stuff out a moving truck so we helped! They were a really fun family, and we were able to set up a time in the future to meet. We also helped this inactive family get rid of a bunch of old furniture and take it to the second hand store.
So as far as our investigators, Aurora is probably the only one progressing. We moved her baptismal date to the 20th, while she works to overcome Word of Wisdom problems. But we are really proud of her! She is trying to change her life and has a strong testimony already that the church is true. She was able to watch conference on her computer this week and she really enjoyed it! 
Conference was really good! We watched it in English, thank goodness! I really got a lot out of it and it was a really good meeting. We watched the Saturday morning session live at 6 o'clock here and then the priesthood session at 11 o'clock on Sunday, and then the Saturday evening session at 2 o' clock and finally we watched the Sunday morning session live at 6 o'clock here. It made me a little homesick, BUT it was great and I got a lot out of the talks. Really enjoyed it. Well that is it for this week. Hope you all have a great week. Love you all.

Äldste Kapp

                                                       The main part of Alingsås.

                                       Swedish language class that we teach to the Immigrants.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A BEAUTIFUL week in the A-Sauce!

Hey everyone,
Here is my general email from what has happened this week. So this week has definitely had some extreme ups and downs, but I am definitely trying my very best and doing as much as I can do on my side. So Aurora, who we have our baptismal date with, has been sick all week. I don't know if it she is actually sick or avoiding us, but it seems to be going downhill and her baptismal date is THIS week... so I guess we will see. I know she has been trying to quit smoking and whatnot, so maybe that could make her sick? But it's just not looking too good, but I guess we will see. We have only met with her once in the past two weeks, but she still seems super positive... so I don't know. We also picked up this new husband and wife named, Johanna and Tom. They are very open and always welcome us back. We were a little disappointed, because we invited them to church and they didn't come, but I guess we will see what happens there. We are still teaching the African lady, named Aline. She is really struggling understanding priesthood authority and why she needs to be baptized twice, but she is super open and always follows up on commitments. But here is the set back with her... I guess in a couple of weeks she is going to Paris, France for a couple of months... and then coming back to Sweden and THEN going back to Paris. Basically Emma, you have your first referral... So FIND HER!!! So the weather here has been PERFECT this past week!! It's finally been warm and the sun is out almost everyday... AH... I missed the sun!!! It has been really good. 
So, really funny story from this past week... So on Wednesday, I went on splits with one of our zone leaders... he came to Alingsås and we were teaching Aline that night. After we were just waiting at the train station to head back to our apartment. All of a sudden this guy comes out from the dark, running down the train tracks, he runs up to the platform and starts just rolling on the ground  and then just ran off... Haha it was the nuttiest thing I have ever seen!!! And pretty scary because a lot of the trains don't stop at that station and just go by at probably over 100 mph. The things you see as a missionary, I swear!! But after splits, we went to Göteborg to have our district meeting. It was a good meeting and after we went to this Asian Buffet... which was nothing short of amazing!! Sunday was a really cool day too! We went and ate a lunch at a members house with a bunch of the YSAs in the ward. It was really good and we are trying to focus on the YSAs in the ward right now, because there are a lot of inactive ones in the ward. It's been a good week. I hope all at home is good. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!