Monday, May 26, 2014


So I finally got rid of my stomach flu and face disease ;), so I am back at 100 percent this week! It really has been such a great week. Our lessons with Fahm and Erica have been going really positive. Fahm has a set baptismal date for June 21st and it's looking really positive. She has decided that she wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before her baptism!! She is reading like 10 chapters a day! After church yesterday she texted us and said that church reassured her decision to be baptized is right. The ward has been doing such a good job welcoming her and it's just been great. Here is the problem... transfers are coming up and I have been in Alingsås 4 months already! I really want to be there for her baptism... so... pray that I don't get transferred ;) Early this week I was able to give a YSA, who is about to leave on his mission to Manchester, England a blessing. I just have to say the spirit is amazing and the priesthood is real! Each blessing a worthy Melchizedek priesthood holder gives clearly doesn't come from them. 
So here is another funny story from this week. We set up a lesson with a potential investigator this week and went to his apartment for the lesson a couple days later. We walk in the apartment and his wife says, come on in! We have guests! Haha we walk in and there are 2 Jehovah Witness missionaries who we pass all the time on the road. They are this older couple. The guy who we were visiting asked, you guys are from the same church, right? Uhhh.... not exactly. The Jehovah's Witness lady turned to him and said, no... they believe in another book. Needless to say, they left and gave us some pamphlets on their religion and we had a great lesson with our investigator! Well it's been a good week. It has seriously been super humid and hot!! I have been dying... plus the sun is up until like 11 now and comes up at 5:30. Well, I love you all. Have a great week! 
Äldste Kapp

Monday, May 19, 2014

Yeah... that wasn't a cold sore...

Hey guys! 
So you know that huge cold sore I had on my face when we skyped? Well it wasn't a cold sore... it was a bacterial infection. I got impetigo! It got pretty bad... my whole face had blisters all over it! But I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics and it's pretty much cleared up now. But anyways, this has been a super good week. We are teaching a 19 year old from the Philippines, named Jeric. He is progressing really well. It's funny, this morning he text us and asked what the app was with the Book of Mormon that everybody used in church yesterday. YES!!! You know they are interested if they are downloading church apps ;). We are also teaching 2 new ladies named Erica and Fahm. We knocked on Erica's door and now we are teaching both of them. That also seems to be going really positive! Those are our investigators who are really doing well right now! This week has been a pretty normal week though. I want to start sharing a spiritual moment every week so my blog isn't just a travel log. So this week's is pretty simple though: It would be when we were teaching our investigator, Jeric. The spirit is always super strong when we teach him. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and right there and then he said that he knew this was God's plan for him. The spirit was so strong. It's amazing how the message of the Plan of Salvation sounds so familiar and right for them. I know this because, it's never the first time they have heard it. Every person heard the plan before they came to earth, and that is why it sounds so familiar to them. Well I love you guys. Have a great week! 
Äldste Kapp

                              One of the big fire burnings during that holiday called Valborg.

                                                   The translation of this sign is:  Freight Entrance!  

                                                   French fries and fried chicken we made.

                                                                 Downtown Göteborg

                                                   Lake right by our apartment.

                                   My companion and I with our Ward Council.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Well, not a lot to say this week since I talked to you yesterday!

Hey guys!
I guess I will give you a little run down from this past week.
But first I must say it was great to skype home and talk to you guys. I love you guys very much and it was a good reminder of what you all looked like ;) But I gave you pretty much all of the big events that happened this past week, so I don't know what to really say. This week we have found a ton of new people to teach... and we are teaching a couple of families even, which we are very excited about!! We taught Fredrick this past week. He was having a hard time and asked for a blessing. He asked if I would give it! He was able to say after he felt peace and comfort. You sure give a lot of blessings on your mission and my testimony of the priesthood increases each time. The spirit is always so strong. We are teaching a new guy Jeric as well. He is moving really close to a baptismal date and it seems to be going really well... also we are teaching one of his friends this week, which will be great! Well that is it for investigators! And we have a ton of first lessons with investigators coming up this week. Also this week we spent a lot of time helping at the church, because they are going to be doing construction on the church for the next 6 months to make it bigger... it's our fault for having too many people in Sacrament Meeting ;). But we have just been helping them move stuff out and preparing it for construction. Well all is going well here! I love you all very much. Have a great week! 
Elder Kapp

Monday, May 5, 2014

Valborg week!!

Hey guys,
This week was a pretty exciting one and we got to spend some time in Göteborg for the Swedish holiday Valborg. It is a holiday where they just burn a bunch of random stuff in these huge fires, to represent burning all of the dead stuff and to welcome in spring. It was pretty fun. The mission president advised us not to proselyte so we went into Göteborg and met up with the rest of our zone. From there we went to a fire and hung out. Also, earlier this week we were in Göteborg, for an institute activity. It was missionary splits night. A bunch of the missionaries in our zone went to the YSA center in Göteborg and went on splits with YSAs in the stake. We mostly just street contacted... but it was pretty fun! On Saturday they had a big family day thing at a park here in Alingsås. The church helped a lot to put it on and we were there all day setting up. They also had a tent for the church and we had a bunch of pamphlets about families and copies of the Proclamation. Unfortunately, nobody was interested. We thought it would be this huge finding activity and even had two other missionaries come in to help out. But not a single person was interested out of the 2000 there. Oh well... haha we will get them next time! As far as investigators go, we finally confirmed Aurora yesterday. We just did it in the bishop's office, because she is extremely shy and didn't want to be confirmed in sacrament meeting. But she is a confirmed member of the church now! We are still teaching Fredrick, and it's going really well. Our lessons are really positive, the problem is he hasn't ever made it to church... so I guess we will see there! We are also teaching Roger, and that is going pretty positive. He is quitting smoking and has a date for the 31st! We are teaching some others as well but these are our progressing investigators as of right now. Well, next week is Mother's Day so I will be skyping home. Can't wait to talk to you guys. Have a great week. 
Äldste Kapp