Monday, August 25, 2014

Sweden is in good hands.

Hey guys,
It's been a very up and down week. Last week was huge... we found 18 potential investigators and 6 new investigators and somehow the majority of them became uninterested or disappeared. So what did we do? We got back on our feet and started knocking some more. And we found once again... another large pool of investigators to choose from. The week started off a little slow though... on Tuesday my comp woke up with a stomach flu thing, so we ended up being home all day. It was a good opportunity for me to organize the area book, try and make appointments, and make the cake I was sent for my birthday :). I definitely don't like staying home though... It makes you realize how much you actually accomplish in just one day as a missionary. 

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to have a mission conference with Elder Teixeira, who is the area Seventy over the European area. Him and his wife gave amazing talks and was a good recharger for the entire mission. They focused a lot on obedience and addressed a lot of the specific things that will be happening in the upcoming months for the European missions. One thing he did mention is that Ipads have been approved for our mission and would be coming sooner than later. Sounds like there is a good chance I am going to have an Iphone and an Ipad ;)... man don't even worry about sending me any Christmas presents (that was a joke...). It was a great meeting though. Elder Bednar is coming to Stockholm in two weeks so I am glad I am serving where I am so I can be here when he is! 

I have a crazy story from tracting on Saturday. Elder Steen and I had been tracting for about two hours in these apartment complexes with little to no success. We finally came to this door where the guy answered and was fairly friendly. He asked the common questions, "Are you Jehovahs?" We replied, "No, have you heard of the Mormons?" He then said, "Yeah, there is a bunch of them in the states, right?" Well long story short we asked if we could take 10 minutes of his time to share a little bit more about our beliefs. He agreed and we taught the restoration to him at his doorway. It went really well and he said we could come back. I then asked, well is there anything we can do for you? He said, "Only if you can make start feeling better. I haven't been feeling well at all lately." I asked him if we could give him a priesthood blessing. He said yes! We walked into his apartment, told him to grab a chair, and had him sit down. As I gave the blessing, I felt very inspired to bless him that he would feel better, and not to just bless him with comfort. The first thing he said when we were finished is, "Wow that actually worked. I feel better, but not only that, I feel peace." I then bore testimony of the power of the Holy Ghost. The spirit touched his heart and helped this man feel the love that the Savior has for Him. 

One last thing... Yesterday our stake had a fireside with the new mission president and his wife. They shared their vision for Sweden and it was a very spiritual night. Mission presidents are so inspired and over the past 8 months have really become some of the greatest people in my eyes. I loved the Newells with all of my heart, and I love the Beckstrands also with equal love. Sweden is in good hands. 


Elder Kapp

                       My comp is so nice and takes pictures of me when we are on the train. 

  These pictures are elders in my MTC group that I hadn't seen since the beginning of my mission.

                                                              My birthday cake! 
                                (I'm impressed, Jake! It looks just like the picture on the box!)

                                       Those guys surprised me on my birthday!! haha

                                   My comp just took a picture of me at the train station.

                                                         Me and Elder Cushing 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Contacting and tracting pays off!

Well guys,

Another week here in Stockholm. This week we actually had a lot of success. We found 6 new investigators just this past week and all are looking fairly positive. We have had some amazing spiritual experiences and lessons. This place was dead just a couple weeks ago and now our schedule is filling up. What's the secret? Well, I have found that if you show the Lord that you want to put forth a little more than just what is expected or an average effort, He will bless you with more than average results.  Elder Steen and I decided that we were going to up our contacting and tracting and it has payed off. We had 19 people give us their phone numbers or say we could come back, and have taught a lot of them already. It's amazing what just a little more effort will bless you with. 

One of our new investigators is named Nazaré. She is from Forteleza, Brazil. She speaks very little Swedish, but just enough to understand that we were from a Christian church and wanted to teach her. I also said my dad lived in Brazil for two years and can speak Portuguese... that caught her attention ;)! Through broken Swedish she said to us, "I am thirsting for the truth." Right then and there I realized this was one of Heavenly Father's special, prepared children. She wrote down her number on a piece of paper and we set up an appointment for later in the week. We were able to find a lady in a neighboring ward who is also from Brazil, and even served a mission in Brazil. She came with us to the lesson and translated, and it was such a powerful lesson. We taught her the restoration outside on a bench out of her apartment and showed her the restoration film on a little DVD player we have. The spirit was very strong, and Nazaré opened up to us about a personal story when her husband was sick and passed away. We were then able to testify to her that she will see her husband again. Next time we will be teaching her the Plan of Salvation. Brazilian people have such warm spirits and are so down to earth. It was great! 

Earlier this last week my comp and I were standing outside an apartment building. It was port coded and we were trying to figure a way to get inside because we had a less-active we wanted to go by. Well these two teenagers were also trying to get into the apartment and one of them said in perfect English, looks like these guys have the same problem we do. I turned and starting talking to them... turns out they just like talking in English for fun and Swedish really is their native language. But we talked to them for a good hour outside this apartment and taught them the entire restoration. They both said after that they felt something and were really uplifted. We set up a time to meet them at the church and taught them with a member. They ended up bringing friends too!! We taught 5 of them and showed them the restoration film... I will tell you what, the restoration film is the weapon of mass destruction. It brings in the spirit so strong. After one of the guys said, "I don't mean to act like a girl or anything, but I can't stop myself from crying." He felt the spirit so strongly and we invited them all to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. 

I want to finish this one off by telling you guys about my birthday. First off I have to say thank you everyone for the packages and gifts. They were great!! So living in a four man in Stockholm is a great place to have a birthday. Because there are so many missionaries close by to make you feel good ;). On Friday night Elders Cushing and Walker had decorated our bedroom with toilet paper and balloons, and gave me O`boy (the greatest chocolate milk mix in the world) and Swedish chocolate. And THEN, on Saturday we were playing soccer with some of our investigators and got back to the apartment and two of the other elders who live in another apartment were hiding in our apartment and decorated it and freaked me out when they yelled "surprise." The last birthday thing was from President Beckstrand on Sunday. He called me while we were out proselyting and said, "Hey Elder Kapp, I just received some news in the mission office that I wanted to pass on to you." I was like... oh great, somebody died... Haha but it ended up just being him and Sister Beckstrand singing happy birthday over the phone. Super funny!! Well I have had a good week. I love you all!!


Elder Kapp

Monday, August 11, 2014

Things starting to pick up a little bit in Hägersten...

Hey guys,

First... I have to say Happy Birthday to Hallie! I hope you have a great day!!

Hope you have all had a good week and have enjoyed these last couple of weeks of summer. The work has been picking up a bit here in Hägersten, as we have found a couple of investigators. Earlier this week we found some younger teenager kids... 3 girls, 4 boys, about 14ish. We were walking while tracting and they actually asked who we were. We talked to them for quite a while and two days later we ended playing soccer with the guys and another companionship. It was a lot of fun! We are going to do it again this week and then try to get them to come to church after. 

On Thursday we went and helped the ward clean the chapel. After we went with two older ladies in the ward to eat at the biggest IKEA in the world. It was good and me and Elder Steen got lost on the way out. 

Saturday night was super fun. We went to a wedding reception for these members in our ward. They were married in the Stockholm Temple last week and we thought it would be good to support them because their families don't live in Sweden so they needed the extra support! It was fun... we had 3 companionships there. 

On Sunday we were walking to a lesson and these guys who were just standing outside their apartments drinking together asked, "Why the fancy clothes?" We ended up talking to them for a good hour and gave them copies of the Book of Mormon. They were super happy and one of the guys said he had been actually thinking about religion and stuff a lot lately. The spirit was strong and we are going to go back. Also yesterday we taught a lesson to a really old investigator we found just this last week named Vivi Anne. She is super nice and willing to talk. I think she might just be lonely and wants company, but we are going to keep going over for now... I think we can definitely fit her in our schedule. 

One last story... early this week we were at a member dinner and my companion was telling a story and made the best language mistake I have ever heard. He meant to say... "when I sent in my mission papers." But what he really said was... "When I (s word in Swedish) my mission papers." We were all laughing so hard and everyone got it but him. Now every time the lady who we were eating with sees him she says... careful not to crap your mission papers. Haha it was good stuff. 

Oh one more thing.... I somehow ended up as the ward chorister. They needed someone to lead the music one week in sacrament meeting and now they are kind of expecting me to do it. I don't have a problem with it... I am just not very good at it haha!

Well I love you all. 

Elder Kapp 

                                       Pictures outside of Stadshuset in Stockholm

Outside the temple

                               Another picture outside of Stadshuset

                                   Dropped my floss in the toilet...

                                                 Train station

                           The finished product of a service project

                                         Me outside the palace

                                 Some cool buildings in Stockholm

                             The most narrow street in Stockholm

A card game we found in a store in Gamla Stan

                               Those statues are right outside the Swedish Palace

Monday, August 4, 2014

The battle is raging...

Well guys,

The longer I have been on my mission the more and more I am realizing that this battle between good and evil can be more literal sometimes. This past week we have had some really intense moments in the mission field. A couple of days ago me and my comp just got off a train a guy threw a full can of beer at us. My companion's shoe took most of it. As angry as I was, we just had to keep walking forward and not create a situation. A couple days before this we were walking in the subway station and a guy looked at our name tags, got to his knees, and started bowing and screaming at us across the crowded station. We once again just kept walking and didn't turn back, trying not to create a situation. 

Now there is another story this week, that turned out a little better. We were walking down a street and there was a group of about 30 (non Swedish) guys just sitting at a table. We were kind of in the ghetto. One of them called out to us and said, "Hey are you guys Jehovahs?" We said, no we are not and went up and starting talking to all 30 of them. I began just teaching the first lesson. They were throwing questions everywhere and we ended up being circled by these people. There were so many people I almost had to yell, but I taught the entire first lesson holding the Book of Mormon in my hand, sharing my testimony with all of them. More and more started gathering as we taught. We are going to be teaching some of them this week at the church. It was a really cool experience, though, being to teach so many people at once. 

The new area is good. We have been doing a lot of knocking and street contacts. I still haven't taught a single investigator. We are also working a lot with our 400-plus less actives. The area is still slowing warming up, but we will be where we want to be soon. 

I love you guys. Have a great week.


Elder Kapp