Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Things still rolling in Stockholm

Hej familj och vänner, 

This week has been a good one, but not too much exciting stuff happened so this email won't be terribly long. We have been hitting the pavement again with contacting and tracting. Earlier this week Elder Lofgren and I (now my zone leader) went on splits. And guess what... we went really hard like we did when we were comps! We beat the zone record for potential investigators in a day, which was 12. Now we just have to convert those potentials to actual investigators, which can be the hard part sometimes. We often will get peoples phone numbers and when we call them they say, "Yeah, I don't really know why I gave you my number. I am not really interested anymore." But we have been teaching some of them. 

We got a new investigator this week named Alexandra. She is a 23 year old Swede. She seems pretty positive and is willing to keep meeting. We are excited to see where it goes. We are still teach the Samoan family, but unfortunately it isn't going forward as fast as we would like. They are willing to meet, but already have such a strong Christian belief that they do not want to change. We are going to keep meeting with them and helping them move forward. Unfortunately... our most positive investigator dropped us, Henryk. He decided he wants to stay with his Polish Catholic church. We were pretty disappointed, but know everything will work out. 

I want to end this short email with this... GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK. The super bowl of our church! Now what does this mean? We all have the opportunity to listen to our living day prophets, apostles, and leaders. When we listen to these meetings we can either be objects like Elder Bednar says, or agents. Objects just sit there and listen (which is not bad at all), but agents take in the message, ponder, and then BECOME. Any christian can be an object and read the bible, and maybe listen to a couple of inspirational messages. But TRUE Christians act upon the messages that are being given to us. Just something to ponder upon. 

Love you guys! Have a great week!

Äldste Kapp

Monday, September 22, 2014

What?! Hitler is dead?!!

Hej käre familj och vänner,

So this week has been a lot slower than the past weeks. We have been doing a lot of finding work again, but it's been a good one and we have had some fun experiences doing it. 

First off, you are probably wondering why my email is titled what it is. Well let me explain... We were tracting a couple of days ago and one of the doors we knocked on was this really old guy. We told him who we were and shared a quick message like always. He then said (in Swedish), "Great! Come in!" This caught us off guard, mainly because old Swedish guys always seem to be the least interested, because they are pretty set in their ways. Well we walk in and his wife walks from the other room and asked who we were, and we told her. Her husband then proceeded to welcome us in and directed us to sit on the couch. We then started asking questions, trying to get to know the two of them. We found out early on in the conversation that the husband has Alzheimer's (not sure if I spelled that right). Haha he asked us 3 times where we were from and his wife said, "You already asked that!" But we told him anyways and every time we told him where we are from he said, "Oh I have traveled to the US many times," and would tell us about his travels. Then the two of them started talking to us at the exact same time talking about completely different things and we couldn't hear a single thing they were saying and this went on for about 5 minutes.  My comp and I were holding back so hard from laughing. They were the funniest old people! Following this the husband started telling us about the time when Hitler visited Scandinavia, and how he met him. (He told this story 3 times as well also). He said how he really was a nice man and how everyone wanted to be his friend. Then he said, "I sure hope he visits Scandinavia again." His wife said, "I am pretty sure he is dead." Haha he then said, "What?! Hitler is dead?" And then he proceeded to tell us the story again and his wife told him again that Hitler is dead. Haha this is a long story and it might be one of those things where you just had to be there, but we sure got a laugh out of it. They were the nicest people and invited us back... we just aren't so sure they would remember us if we came back :)

We are still teaching the Samoan family. It is going really well! We have had some really spiritual lessons. Unfortunately, they couldn't make it to church again this week, because it was their son's birthday, but we believe that they are going to make progress. We are also teaching Henryk as well. He is still searching for an answer about the Book of Mormon, but is very sincere. 

Early this week we tagged along for mutual and taught the young men and young women how to play American football. It was a little bit of a mess at first... but they finally got the rules down and it was a lot of fun! 

So I want to end this email with something a little spiritual. We as a mission and me personally have been focusing a lot on faith recently. It is amazing how much we can learn, if we just focus on simple gospel principles. I remember when I was younger how everyone would say, with faith you can move mountains. I also remember one time actually trying this. I stepped outside and looked to the east to the mountains outside of our house thinking very hard trying to exercise my faith to move the mountains. Well, as everyone home knows... those mountains haven't gone anywhere. What did I do wrong then? I had the faith to move them... why did nothing happen? Well, I have learned a lot how faith is believing in Christ and how crucial it is to ACT on our faith. Me saying, I believe I can move this mountain was me trusting that through the power and will of the Lord I could move a mountain. But I performed no action. Now, if I really had the faith to move this mountain, I would have gone out with a shovel and started digging it up knowing the Lord would give me the strength to remove the mountain. This led me to think, as a missionary, am I just looking at the mountain, or am I going to the base of it with a shovel and working in faith. Now when we feel like we are not getting help from the Lord or answers to our questions, ask yourself this: Am I out with my shovel ready to dig this mountain or am I just standing off in the distance hoping it will move? 

Well I love you all very much. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday Madi and I hope you have a great birthday this upcoming week dad! Love you all!

Elder Kapp

Oh, one more thing!
I would like to give a shout out to my two favorite Latvian people I know, Max and Santa. Haha they are great and the missionaries love them! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

What a week!!

Hey guys,

Well I have had one of the most spiritual weeks of my life. It was an explosion of spiritual events that have changed my testimony and my perspective on a lot of things. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful experiences I had this week! 

First off I want to share that we had James' baptism. It was a great service and he was GLOWING! It was so good to see how happy he was and how happy his wife and kids were to see him join them in this covenant and blessing. Now we will be working with him to get the priesthood and try and move the rest of the family closer and closer to the temple. Really with this family the journey has just began. Now it's time to prepare for the important goal, which is the temple. 

Okay the other big thing that happened this week was our special visit from some special witnesses of Jesus Christ. We had Elder Bednar and his wife speak to us and Elder Kearon and his wife also speak to us. The spirit rushed in the room as soon as they walked in. We were filled with great instruction and advice that we can use for the rest of our lives. One thing that I really took from this meeting was that we need to ACT. One example of this is when we pray. When we pray we sometimes plead our Father, but forget that right after the prayer, we need to get on our feet and work! Do not pray that all of the people who couldn't make it to church this week can come next week, but pray that all of the members in the ward can visit someone who was not here today after church. Another thing is we often go to the temple with questions, trying to search for answers. I know I have done this and sometimes have felt that I haven't received anything. Well, Elder Bednar taught us to go to the temple looking for QUESTIONS that we need and then do the work outside of the temple to get the answer. It was such a good meeting. At the end of the meeting Elder Bednar said a prayer for all of us. It was a very sacred experience, as he evoked a blessing upon us. There is no doubt in my mind that these are true disciples of Jesus Christ. 

I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences we have had and feel so humbled that the Lord has blessed us with such great success. My heart is filled with joy for everything that is happening here in Sweden. 

I love you all!


Elder Kapp

                                                           James' Baptism

                                                     These photos are at the Vasa Museum          

Monday, September 8, 2014

Elder Bednar is coming to Stockholm and James is being baptized on Saturday

Hey everyone! 

Sorry I am emailing a little later today. We went to the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and decided it would be best to email right before proselyting.

So this week has been a good one. I left my planner home on accident today so I will do my best to remember the week. This week we were able to go a less-active member, who is the father of a member in Alingsås, who's family I got close to. We had a really good talk and the spirit was very strong. I shared my testimony of the power of the Atonement. It was a really good discussion and we are going back this week. 

On Wednesday we had transfers and Elder Beck, who is in our district, was picking up his new comp an Stockholm Central station. We needed to go with him so he wouldn't be alone all day. When I walked back into the station I looked to the exact spot I stood my first day, about to leave to my first area with my trainer. I almost cried just thinking of the memories that had happened from that day, sprinting down central station trying not to miss our train. I realized how truly lucky I am to be here and I wish I could do it forever. It is hard and emotionally exhausting, but I am so blessed and happy. 

So our big news this week is that our investigator James is being baptized. After long years of investigating, he is finally following the rest of his family and taking the steps to baptism. The baptism will be this Saturday! We are super excited. 

We found out yesterday that we get a special conference on Saturday morning with Elder Bednar. I am so glad I am in Stockholm, because the entire mission doesn't get to go. I remember the last time Elder Bednar spoke was in the MTC, and his talk changed my testimony forever. I can't wait! 

One last thing for this week! We have an investigator named Henryk from Poland. Well he works like crazy and can basically only come to church. So we started to teach him during Sunday School at church. We taught him yesterday and he wants to change his life. He has such a strong desire to change and be a better person. I think soon he is going to be ready to accept the commitment to baptism. 

Well this week has been great, and we have another great week coming up!! 

Love you guys, 

Elder Kapp

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Staying in Stockholm and eating fufu!

Hey guys,


We got transfer calls this week and both me and Elder Steen will be staying in the Hägersten ward. I am happy to stay! I feel like the work I want to do here in Hägersten is not yet finished. We have had a fun week with some different experiences. The first thing I wanted to share was my experience with some REAL African food. It was a very different experience!! There is a member named Phyllis (the missionaries call her Mama Phyllis). She is from Ghana and had us over for dinner. She made us fufu. I am sure Garrett and Braxton have had it a lot, but basically it is a mixture of mashed potatoes and flour put into a sauce, usually with meat in it as well. You would have to look it up on google, it's hard to explain it. The thing that makes it REALLY different is you eat it with your hands. Haha it was fun and really messy. There is a reason why I didn't get called to Africa. 

So the Stockholm temple is closed for a couple of weeks for cleaning and they asked us to come help clean on Wednesday morning. When they close the temple for cleaning, I now realize why it takes a couple of weeks. They basically take the interior apart and clean every inch. It was really fun. Elder Beck and I cleaned the initiatory room. We were taking out light bulbs to clean the light fixtures and I accidentally broke a bulb. Oops! Don't worry I wasn't banished. But it really was a cool experience... It's amazing how strong the spirit is there, even if you are just cleaning. 

We were able to meet with our investigator James this week. His wife and kids are all baptized, and now we are just waiting for him to follow them. We had a really good lesson about the Plan of Salvation and focused a lot on temples and eternal families. It was a very spiritual lesson and we committed him to baptism. We don't have a solid date because he has to check his work schedule, but he will most likely be baptized within the next couple of weeks. 

On Friday I went on splits with Elder Beck and I went into their area. They are also serving in Hägersten, but they have the northern half of the ward. Their area is beautiful!! At their apartment you can go up to rooftop and they have tables and stuff. Well, we ate dinner up there and you could see all of Stockholm at night. It was super cool, I am a little jealous of their apartment location, but not of their apartment, because they have one of the smallest apartments in the entire mission! 

So earlier this last week we knocked on a ladies door named Maral. She took a Book of Mormon and said we could come back. Well we went back yesterday evening and she let us in. We taught her and her 4 kids the restoration and showed them the restoration film. The spirit was so strong!! It was really positive and she kept saying how she could feel it so strong. We are hoping to go back later this week and set up a baptismal date. We are super excited. 

One last thing... On the way home we came across Nazare outside her apartment taking out the trash. We were able to talk to her for a couple of minutes. She is such an awesome lady. Basically her husband will not let her meet us or go to church, but she said she reads the Book of Mormon every day and when her husband has a softened heart she will call us. So there definitely hope and our fasting and prayers were answered. I know she will eventually come into this wonderful gospel. Well that's my week everyone. I love you all very much!! 


Elder Kapp

This first picture is a conversation between two other missionaries talking about how I broke a light bulb in the temple... it's apparently a big deal. 

                                                  These two pictures are me eating fufu! 

My comp