Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Very up and down week

Hey guys,

So this week has been filled with feelings of unbelievable success and feelings of hitting rock bottom. The good news is that I am still learning from my trials and successes, trying to understand why things happen the way they do. 

So last p-day was super fun. We went to Gamla Stan and just showed my comp and other missionaries who haven't been into downtown Stockholm before. It was a blast and after we went and had ficka (Swedish word that means sitting down and usually drinking coffee (hot chocolate in our case) and a small pastry) After that we went to the other Hägersten elder's apartment which is right outside of Stockholm. We were just relaxing before proselyting and Elder Farnworth was doing dishes and cut his finger on a knife pretty bad. We decided he needed stitches or something because it was pretty deep, but we had a lesson and him and his comp are new to the area and didn't know where the hospital was. So they came to the church with us while we taught our lesson to a new investigator named Mercy. We had a really good lesson with her. She is Swedish, but just finished studying at UCLA. We taught a powerful restoration lesson. After the lesson we got on the train and headed to the hospital. We got there at like 9 o'clock and it was super funny. I went into the room with Elder Farnworth, while the other elders waited outside. He first asked for morphine and the nurse quickly replied no-haha. He then asked if they were going to have to put him under for this. Also, no! Well the doctor came in and just glued it up and we were out of there. We got home at about midnight. 

The next day we taught a Muslim investigator named Lamen. He is one of the most sincere investigators I have had, but has such a strong belief in Islam, that it has been hard helping him find or recognize any answers to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. We then went to our next lesson with a new investigator named Jenny. She is a younger lady who is studying business in Stockholm. Last transfer Elder Steen and I knocked on her door and invited her to watch conference with us at the chapel. She was super excited and said she would come. Well unfortunately she became sick the weekend of conference and could not watch. So we just invited her to watch it at home on her computer. Well she did this and loved it. We met with her and taught her the restoration. We were then teaching about how we can know for ourselves through prayer and through the Holy Ghost. I felt inspired to say, "You have already received your answer, haven't you?" She answered yes. We then invited her to be baptized on the 22 of November and she accepted it. We were so happy! This was our 4th set baptismal date for the date of November. We finished the day by visiting a member named Anders, who was just married and his wife is currently living in Denmark. He is a taxi driver in Stockholm. We shared a quick message with him. 

The following day we met with Viktor and Olof.  Viktor's family lives in Alingsås and he returned from his mission in England while I was there. He recently just moved into Hägersten with his grandpa Olof. We had a very spiritual experience with them as we shared sacred moments in each of our lives that have built our testimonies. Later that day we taught the Omohumens. We went over the Restoration with them. The spirit, as always was very strong.

On Thursday we went to the worlds largest IKEA with 2 members who bought us lunch. It's so easy to get lost in that place! Later we visited a less active named Tommy. The guys is super nice and we had a good time meeting with him. 

So on Sunday it was the wards primary program. It was the funniest thing ever! There is this cute little Swedish boy in our ward named Tom. He was making everyone laugh in the ward!  Later that night we went and ate dinner with Max and Santa (the two members from Latvia). We are all pretty sad because they are moving and won't be in our ward any more. 

So on Saturday and Sunday we got some pretty disappointing news that kind of crushed our week. Saturday night we got a text message from Jenny saying she does not want to meet with us anymore or be baptized. She felt that she needs to return to the church that she went to before and was already baptized in. She was very thankful for everything, nevertheless, and very happy we helped her believe in God again. This was a big disappointment. On Sunday we taught the Sunday School lesson and after Blessing asked if she could talk to us. She told us that she wants to be in a church that reads just the bible and does not want to be baptized anymore. We talked to her about 10 minutes, but she was still set with her decision. We are still baptizing the other 2 Omohumen kids though. 

I have noticed that a lot of the time when you hit rock bottom and it doesn't feel like it could get any worse, the Lord sends a miracle after. We just have to remain faithful and trust in the Lord, even in disappointing times. Although it feels like it at times, I know the Lord does not forget us. 

I love you all. Have a great week! 

Elder Kapp 

Monday, October 20, 2014

The work in Hägersten is moving fast!

Hey guys!

Hope you all had a good week. This week has been pretty exciting! We had transfers and it was by far the biggest transfer I have seen since I have been in the mission. It seems like President Beckstrand has been trying to work hard to give a lot of areas fresh starts with new sets of missionaries and no pre-conceived attitudes. And guess what? It seems like it's been a very good thing. The overall attitude of the mission has improved like crazy and I think it's going to improve the work. 

My new comp is Elder Sandquist from Riverton, Utah. He has been out for about 19 months now. It's been really good so far and I think he will end up being one of my favorite comps. We teach really well together and we are just doing really good things here in Hägersten. I am excited!!

This last week we got some set baptismal dates with the Omohumens. They will be baptized on the 8th of November. We are excited to finally see ALL of the Omohumens baptized, including the aunt who just moved in. In our lesson with them we asked the kids if they would be baptized. Afterwards we asked Blessing, who was just sitting off to the side, if she would also be baptized. I think it caught her off guard a little bit, but she accepted the invitation. 

Saturday morning we had the opportunity to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead, because Elder Sandquist had a recent convert from his last area who was going. It was a really good experience. And guess what... So the ward mission leader has been dating this recent convert who we took to do baptisms and after we left, the ward mission leader took her on a walk around the temple and proposed to her. We had no clue he was going to do this-haha!!

The energy of the ward and the missionaries seems really good right now! I am super excited to see what happens this transfer. 

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Kapp

Monday, October 13, 2014

Um... Are you sure they were baptized in OUR church?

Hej familj och vänner,

So you are probably wondering why the title of this email is what it is... well let me explain! So as you know James was just baptized and his wife and son were baptized right before I transferred in. Well they also have two older kids in their teens who were apparently baptized a couple of years ago. Little did we know these older two kids were baptized in the Catholic Church at a very young age!!! We got a call from our ward secretary this past week saying he was trying to update James into the records and noticed the two older kids were nowhere to by found on the church records. After we did some investigating, I called the mission office and asked the secretaries to look for their records and they could not find it anywhere. Well I told them I would bring it up in ward council Sunday morning and see if there was something we could figure out. While we were in ward council someone brought up the possibility that it could have been in a different church. So in church on Sunday, I pulled James and his wife Sonia aside and asked them a bunch of questions about their kid's baptisms, and turns out they are not members of our church and are not baptized. Haha so we ended up teaching a lesson about authority and the priesthood during Sunday school and needless to say... we will be baptizing these next couple of weeks!!

We also found another really positive investigator who will be baptized this week... James' sister. Blessing just moved in with their family. She came to church on Sunday and has been there for lessons we have been teaching them. We are going to work on getting a set date with her as well this week. 

On Saturday we got to play innebandy with the ward. It was really fun and I haven't played innebandy for like 6 months so it was really good to play!! After innebandy we went and ate dinner with the missionary couple, the Tolleys, who are in charge of all of the apartments in the mission. Sister Tolley made really good Panda Express Chinese food!! All of the missionaries love the Tolleys! 

Last night, we had a very cool fireside that some of the missionaries put on in our zone. The title was "He Lives." What made it really cool is that the church was absolutely PACKED, with a TON of nonmembers. We have been trying to advertise is it a ton and we saw the results. It was something really cool to see!  

Well, we received transfer calls and this is going to be the biggest transfer I have seen since I have been in my mission. It feels like almost every missionary is being transferred!! Every single Elder (besides me) is being transferred out. I will be getting Elder Sandquist. I am really excited to serve with him! I am staying in the same apartment and it will still be a four man. I am happy I am staying though... I am not quite ready to leave Hägersten.

Well... I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Kapp

Monday, October 6, 2014

Great conference weekend!

Hey guys! 

What a great conference we have just had! There seemed to be an overall subject of caring for the needy, prophets, and gaining personal revelation. I really enjoyed the talk President Uchtdorf gave during the Saturday morning session. He talked about gaining personal revelation and testimony. I can testify that it is possible. Nobody is excluded from this promise. All people can receive an answer to the truthfulness of the gospel. Like President Uchtdorf said, "Light will come, and it will be glorious." I think the biggest problem people run into when looking for an answer is they want it to be instantaneous. The promise states that if we search and ponder these things with a sincere heart, we will find. That means do not just say your prayer and say, "Well I hope I get my answer," and then take off, and resume life. But to really pray and then ponder things throughout the day, searching the scriptures and modern day scripture as well. If you do these things, it is a PROMISE that you will receive an answer. 

This week has been pretty good. We have found a couple of new potential investigators that are looking pretty solid. On Tuesday morning we had the opportunity to plant flowers and plants at the Stockholm Temple. They put in their plants that can survive the colder conditions. We were there for about 8 hours and planted thousands of flowers. On Saturday we helped a family in our ward, the Lindfors family, do some yard work. We cut down their hedges and and did some other projects. Service is always fun! 

Well other than that, it's mostly just been pretty normal. A lot of knocking, contacting, and teaching. Nobody is progressing super fast right now, but I know the prepared people are out there and we will find them. 

Love you guys!

Elder Kapp