Saturday, November 22, 2014

Last week in Stockholm

Well guys,

We received a transfer call this week and found out that I will be going to Linköping. Linköping is a small branch of about 12 active members and they meet in the bottom of an office building. I have heard they have some really awesome members and have already met a couple of them. I am excited to go there! I will be comps with Elder Aabo who is from Norway. All I know is he is a super funny guy, so I am excited to work with him. I will be living in another 4 man, but apparently this apartment is way bigger than the apartment I am living in now, which will be good because I am ready for some space!!! 

I am really happy with the work I have done here in Hägersten. I can honestly say I left this place way stronger than when I found it. We had no investigators and honestly just nothing period when I got here. I remember thinking... oh boy, we are starting from scratch. And that is exactly what we did. The first transfer was knocking, knocking, and some more knocking. The second transfer here was knocking, and a LITTLE bit of teaching. The third transfer has been teaching, teaching, and teaching. HARD WORK PAYS OFF!! Not to mention all of the less actives we have been working with that are coming back. I also have to say it has been really hard to say goodbye to some of the people I have met. I have really gotten close to some people we have taught and it's hard to pass them on. 

Let me tell you a little about what happened this week! We Began the week by teaching Mercy last Monday. We had an awesome lesson on the Plan of Salvation at our ward mission leader's house. I always love teaching that lesson. 

We taught our last lesson to the Omohumens this week. We taught about the priesthood and missionary work. Their kids are so smart and give such good answers. They just get it. It was a cool lesson to teach because they have a bunch of potential missionaries! 

We also taught Brenda and Camilla one last time. Those two people are so awesome!!! Their desire to find the truth and follow God is so sincere. I have found that when you are sincere with a worthy desire, that is when miracles happen and so many miracles have led these two people to the missionaries. 

On Thursday one of the boys in the ward was baptized. All of the missionaries went and they asked us to share our testimonies. I talked about when I was baptized how much I felt the spirit after and how warm I felt. I testified that I feel that exact same spirit every day as a missionary. 

We also taught Lamin one last time. He is one of the most sincere investigators I have met. God has a special plan for this guy. He is so willing to follow commitments and just tries to do what is right out of a will to follow God. 

Last night we went and ate with Max and Santa for the last time as well (the couple from Latvia). They are always fun to go to, even though Max picks on the missionaries ;). 

I want to end this email by saying one last thing. I do not know if I really made a lasting impact on these people, but one thing I am certain of is I learned so much from them. Their faith and sincerity to follow God is so strong. It amazes me. I love each person I have met here in Hägersten and cannot wait to see them again. 

I love you all! Have a great week. 


Elder Kapp

Monday, November 17, 2014

Great Stake Conference Week

Hey guys,

Well, this week has not been super eventful, but we had some cool experiences nevertheless. It has been tougher to meet with people because everyone is getting sick, including us! Not a lot out of the ordinary happened, but we did have a great Stake Conference. We had Elder Dyches, who is an area seventy speak at both the Saturday night session and the Sunday morning. It was also very cool because we finally ran into the Summerhayes. It was great to talk to them and as you probably saw they took some pictures and sent a video of me and my comp. 

I would say the one thing I would like to share from this week is a message I got from stake conference. Elder Dyches invited everyone there, between now and Christmas, to pray one very heart felt, sincere prayer. He asked that we give one evening prayer where we really take the time to speak to the Lord. Give a half hour or so and just speak to our Father in Heaven. This is something I have done several times on my mission and it is such a sacred experience. I would encourage all of you to do this as well. He also encouraged all of us to find one thing that we could change and work on that between now and Christmas. Find one thing that we can do to become more Christlike. The final thing he said was to begin daily scripture study. START TODAY! I can promise the influence of the adversary will be powerless with daily, family scripture study. I hope you all can apply these things I took from conference this week. I love you all very much and hope you have a great week! 


Äldste Kapp 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Eat now, talk later.

Hey guys,

This has been quite the week with a lot of experiences that have really built my faith and helped me grow. It's been slow again because this week my companion is sick and the doctor told him to stay inside for three days because he is really contagious. On Tuesday we went to this really cool part member couple and had dinner. The wife is from South America and is a member and he is Swedish. They are the nicest people and we had a really good time with them. After eating we watched the Restoration film with them and talked about that. I know that the Lord prepares people and when they are ready they will except this gospel. 

On Wednesday I had one of the coolest experiences of my mission. So when I first got into the mission there was another missionary who sent me a referral to go by this really cool family that he had taught before. Well I typed in the address in the phone and could not find where this lady lived! We searched and searched and eventually gave up. Well this last week we decided to try looking for this family again. For some reason, this time it was no problem finding them. We knocked on the door and this lady opened the door. We asked, "Hi, are your Brenda?" All she said back was, "Are you Mormons?" We replied yes. She said come in. So we just walked in and she walked us into her kitchen where her nephew and daughter were eating. She said, "Eat now, talk later," while handing us plates. She fed us a ton of food and we got to know her a little bit. Afterwards we sat down and talked with her. She gave us a little bit of her story and told us how Satan has been working really hard on her recently and whenever she tries to read the Bible or Book of Mormon she starts to feel sick and it's impossible for her to read. We asked if we could give her a blessing and we did so. We ended up talking a little bit more, but the really cool experience happened when we went back on Friday. We went over and ate dinner with her and her daughter Camilla. She fed us so much! After we started talking and she told us how she has been really searching for the truth. We found out that about a year ago she was praying one night that the Lord would send her someone from His true church. It so happened that two guys with name tags and white shirts knocked on her door the very next day and she started meeting the missionaries. Well it sounded like she really started to have some tough trials in her life that kept her from continuing lessons with the missionaries. Eventually they lost contact with her. One year later her life started settling down and she found herself searching again for the truth. She said that she prayed one night a second time that the Lord would send someone from His true church to her. The very next day Elder Sandquist and I knocked on her door. Two times she had prayed for someone and both times missionaries knocked on her door. The Lord is so aware of us individually! We talked to her and brought up baptism. She wants to be baptized! The only problem is she said it has to be done in a river so we either have to wait until next spring or she will have to go down to Spain where it's warmer to be baptized :). We are excited to keep meeting with her. We also talked to her daughter who is in her 20's. She is so sincere and is also very positive. 

On Thursday night we had the opportunity to help with a mutual activity. They did like a minute to win it thing. It was young men against young women and I will be honest... the young women handed it to us. After that we had an awesome stake activity with our ward. We did a huge rescue night with all of the missionaries of our zone, stake presidency, high council, and a bunch of members from our ward. Hägersten has the largest member list in the stake and by far the lowest activity rate, with only 10 percent of the ward active. Each missionary went on splits with a member and we went by 5 families. The night was a huge success. We have so many notes and people to work with within the ward. Before it was really unorganized and we didn't really know who to contact, but now we have a list of a ton of positive members. Some members even said, we have been waiting for you. We were able to find countless lost sheep and now have the opportunity to bring them back. 

On Saturday we had our baptism. It went really smoothly. It has been so great to work with this family. They are so much fun and have so much potential. I baptized Emilia and Elder Sandquist baptized Kelly. They were both confirmed on Sunday and their dad was ordained a priest and received a calling as well! How awesome is that? 

After the baptisms we had the opportunity to go to the temple and do a session. The spirit was so strong inside the temple. After our session a member named Sofie, who Elder Farnworth taught and was baptized not too long ago, took us out for dinner in Gamla Stan. She is seriously one of the coolest members I have met. We had a really good time with her and she took us to probably the nicest restaurant I have and will ever eat at in my life! Saturday was quite the day! 

This has been a great week. I love each of you and you are all in my prayers! Have a great week! 


Elder Kapp

                All of the missionaries in our zone after the stake halloween party.

                                                         Kelly and Emilia's Baptism

                                                            Us on a really long escalator! 

                                      Elder Farnworth insisted that we take a Sabbath Day Selfie
                                         after teaching our Sunday School lesson to the youth.

                                                                      Me and Farnworth

                                A member took a picture of us outside of the church.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween and All Saints Day

Hey everyone,

This week has been a little bit slower due to me and my comp both getting sick. But the good news is we have a baptism coming up this weekend! So we had a zone conference this past week. They are always very spiritually uplifting. They talked a lot about unity and how it plays a vital role in the success of our mission and in our lives. We also received these hand made mittens (I think they were made from the Beckstrand's home ward). They are super nice and warm and will be put to very good use this winter :) 

As you know Friday was Halloween, so we did ourselves a favor and went to Hard Rock Cafe with the other Hägersten elders. It was a fun night and not too crazy because Halloween isn't very big here in Sweden. 

Saturday was a very eventful day. We woke up and went to the church to play innebandy with the ward. I basically am the best at that game. My team didn't lose once ;) After innebandy we went to a less active's house named Felix, who is from Africa. He made us an African soup and rice. Basically the soup was in one bowl and the rice on a big plate and we all shared off of that. I definitely got a little bit of the taste of Africa. After that we went to a stake Halloween party that the missionaries put on. We had a bunch of games in the cultural hall and then a trunk or treat outside.  My comp and I were in charge of the cake walk. We had a huge turn out from the stake and even had some investigators there. It turned out super good! After the party we went out with all of the missionaries in our zone and went to a grave yard, because Saturday was "All Saints Day." From what I understand it's a day to remember the dead and everyone lights candles and puts them by the graves. It was really cool! 

On Sunday we had a a very spiritual testimony meeting and I took the opportunity to share mine. I talked a lot about the Atonement and how through the trials in my life I have grown so much, and because of that I am thankful for my trials. Even now on my mission, when I feel at times my trials couldn't get any harder or the work couldn't be any more difficult, I remember that after I will be a stronger person than I was before. I am so grateful for this part of the gospel. During Sunday school I was asked by a Chinese member named Ting to give her mom a blessing, who has been struggling with some health issues. Her mother only speaks Chinese, but I know she could feel the peace and comfort from her Heavenly Father and although we speak different languages the Holy Ghost speaks only one. 

After church all of the missionaries went over to Mama Phyllis to eat fufu. Nothing like eating soup with your hands!! After we ate I was able to give her a blessing. She is searching for direction in her life because she is not sure if she should stay in Sweden or go back to Ghana. That woman is seriously one of the coolest people I have met. She is doing missionary work just as much as I am and she is working two jobs. 

Well on Sunday night we went to the Omohumens to teach them. We were teaching them the Law of Chasity... let me remind you that these kids are 11 and 12 years old, so we asked James and Sonia (the parents) to explain what this means. They both said, no this is too awkward... we think you should teach it. So we taught them it and they were just giggling and were pretty embarrassed. Oh well... now they know!! 

Well I love you all. Have a great week! 


Elder Kapp

                                                              The graves for All Saints Day 

                                                           Me eating fufu