Monday, March 30, 2015

Moving back to Stockholm!

Hey guys,

Well we got some exciting news this week. I will be moving to the Stockholm ward and training a new missionary! I am so excited. We will be moving in a new apartment on Södermalm, which is a beautiful part of Stockholm. It will be crazy going to a new area, in a new apartment, with a new missionary... but will be so much fun and such a good adventure.

As for my last week in Linköping, it's been filled with a lot of goodbyes. I gave a talk in Church yesterday based off of President Uchtdorf's talk during the priesthood session during last Conference. It is called "Lord, Is It I?" It was one of my favorites and I would recommend reading it! It will be sad leaving this branch. There are a lot of really awesome people here who have influenced me in a lot of ways. It is a small, but strong branch.

So have you seen the new Easter video that the Church has made?? AWESOME!! We have been showing it to people on the street, like we did with the Christmas video. It invites the Spirit so strongly. I love it.

I am so thankful during this Easter time for the opportunity to think of the Savior and His sacrifice. It means so much to me and the more and more I study Him, the more I learn how hard it really was to make this sacrifice. It is so hard to comprehend, but I am finally starting to understand a LITTLE. These holidays are so great as missionaries, because we have the opportunity to think of just the Savior. I hope everyone else can also take the opportunity to remember the resurrection and Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Next email is coming from Stockholm. Have a great week yáll!!


Elder Kapp

                                                      Haha my center...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Another week in Linköping

Hey guys,

This week was another busy one... I forgot my planner so I will try to remember everything that happened. On Tuesday and Wednesday, all four elders went to a Dutch member's house, named Jannika Baas, to help her with her gardening. She is the funniest lady and we were able to clean out her shed and greenhouse. She even told us about her conversion story to the Church, which just showed me how much prayers really are answered.

On Tuesday night we taught Costa. We had a really good lesson about the Spirit and how we can find truth through the Spirit. I have been trying to focus a lot of my teaching on the Spirit, because that is the true teacher.

On Wednesday we taught our new investigator Thomas in the church, with a member. He is VERY intellectual and has a lot of questions, but is open and willing to accept to keep commitments. We also focused a lesson on the Spirit. It was a really good lesson and we committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

Thursday morning we had district meeting. The lesson this week was about praying with faith. We discussed the importance of praying with faith and how it affects our work. We then had a district prayer, where we knelt together and the Spirit was so strong!!

On Friday we went to visit Hampus. We watched a General Conference talk and talked how General Conference can answer questions we have and give us personal revelation. I can't wait for Conference!! After we got back from Hampus´ we all 4 went to Mahin's and celebrated the Iranian New Year with her, by eating dinner and she shared with us a bunch of traditions they do there. It was super fun!

Saturday morning we went to the Siikavara´s to help Erin (the daughter) sort her ads that she delivers. Yutona made us American pancakes and sausage, which we don't ever get so it was nice!! After did a lot of tracting and contacting after that.

So I want to finish off by saying one last thing I got from this week. In priesthood on Sunday we discussed how small decisions of obedience can make BIG differences in the long run. Kind of like when President Uchtdorf spoke to us in Conference and talked how when you are flying a plane and you are just barely going a few degrees off, after a long distance you will be long from your desired destination. This made me think... what things can I do or change so I am more on a direct straight path to my desired destination. When change is necessary, we should make it... even if its just small things!

Well, I love you all! I hope you have a great week.


Elder Kapp

Monday, March 16, 2015


Hey guys,

Well it has been a really nice, sunny week here in Linköping. Haha I have a funny story from the beginning of the week. Me and my companion were contacting people in the main city area and this guy came up from behind us and started talking to us in English... he tried telling us how we are wrong about only 144,000 people can come to Heaven... I quickly told him that I am interested to hear his standpoint on the Jehovah's Witness' doctrine, but his bible bashing material might be more effective if he uses it against Jehovah's Witness' and not on us. He was a little confused and said, "Wait... You aren´t Jehovah's?" We told him no. Well, we ended up having a really good conversation and met with him on Friday. His name is Thomas. He is very science minded, but open. We will hopefully meet with him again this week!

I have another funny story. So on Sunday, Elder Halterman (the greenie) taught the lesson in priesthood. He did amazing for being out for such a short time!! But he made a language mistake that made us all laugh pretty hard. Let me tell you what he was trying to say, "When we are receptive to the Spirit we become spiritually full." What he actually said... "When we are receptive to the Spirit we become spiritually drunk." Haha had a good laugh about it afterwards.

So for district meeting we had a lesson about adjusting our teaching to our investigators. I brought stuff to make a PB&J and had the district instruct me how to make a PB&J... but they had to be VERY simple and walk me through every tiny step. The whole Point was to show that we have all made PB&Js hundreds of times, but we need to teach it like the person had never made one before. It's the same way when teaching the gospel... we have so much knowledge, but need to teach it simple and in a way they understand.

So a couple of other highlight from this week:

On Saturday we went to Lynette and Bo´s house. Lynette is an inactive member. Her dad just passed away so we made them a cake and a card and went over to help her husband out with yard work. It was really fun and we were glad to help.

I went on splits with Elder Olsen, from Nampa, Idaho. Something really cool was that his grandpa served here in a city called Motala, which is a part of our area. We were in Motala and he was able to see streets that his grandpa tracted and other places. It was really cool!

On Wednesday we went to Rasmus and Caroline's, some members in the branch. They made us a VERY Swedish meal. Blood pudding, Swedish pancakes, and pea soup... and lasagna, because Rasmus doesn't like any of those foods. It was all super good... the blood pudding was alright. Still not too fond of blood:) 

I will end by just saying I love you all! Hope you have a great week.


Elder Kapp

Monday, March 9, 2015

Temple visit with branch

Hey guys,

So our p-days keep getting messed up because of having a ton to do, so it was just a couple of days ago I wrote, so not a ton has happened since then, so I will be keeping this short.

On Saturday we were able to go to Stockholm with the branch. It was so awesome! I did baptisms in Swedish for the first time, as well as an initiatory session in Swedish. The Spirit was so strong. I have such a strong testimony that temple work is true and we really do have set apart buildings that really are houses of the Lord.

I will have extra to talk about next week. I am so happy right now serving!! I hope you are all happy too. Have a great week.

Elder Kapp
         Got to see a lot of people from my group at mission leadership training.    
                              Me with the Elders that I roomed with in the MTC
                                                     Me and Sister Spencer



Friday, March 6, 2015

Things I learned this week!

Familj och vänner,

This week has been crazy!! We have been super busy and have been having an amazing time. I want to focus this email less on what I did this last week and more on what I learned, because I had a lot of really cool learning experiences this week.

I first want to talk about some personal revelation I received this week. I had some thoughts about feelings of guilt and why we as mortals are sometimes burdened with guilt. I have come to the conclusion that guilt is happy!! Feelings of guilt are blessings. We learn that the first step of repentance is recognizing we have done wrong. When we feel guilt, we are recognizing our mistakes and beginning the repentance process. Guilt inspires change. We just have to act and those feelings.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to hear from Elder and Sister Donaldsson of the area presidency. I got so much out of this conference. The conference was focused on the Spirit and the roles it plays for us as missionaries. President and Sister Beckstrand first spoke to us about learning the patterns in which the Spirit speaks to us each individually. Each person feels the Spirit in different ways. As we learn to have a personal relationship with it and learn to recognize it we can be more effective instruments to the Lord. Elder and Sister Donaldsson then spoke to us and I learned so much about how I can use the Spirit more effectively in the work. One thing that Elder Donaldsson said was, "You cannot just say prayers, you have to live them." We can't pray to be worthy, but be unwilling to repent. We cannot pray to have success in missionary work, but then be a lazy missionary.

After the conference I went on splits with Elder Rasmussen in Södertälje. It was so awesome for a couple reasons. First, they have a car in their area. This was the first time I had driven a car in over 14 months. I drove like I did when I first got my license... very slow around the corners and cautious. While on splits we taught a lot of really good lessons with the Spirit present. It was cool to apply those things we had just learned from the conference.

Well, that is all I have for this week. I love you all! The sun is finally coming out in Sweden. I survived the darkness!!!!!


Äldste Kapp