Monday, April 27, 2015

Stockholm is GREAT!

Hey guys,

This week has been good. We are finding people like crazy and the work is finally starting to pick up. The hours of street contacting are paying off. This upcoming week we finally have quite a bit of lessons set up. 

So earlier this week we were contacting people of the street. We ran into this lady named Maria, from Uganda, who became a member in Uganda, but has never been active since she has been in Sweden. We got her number and are meeting her tomorrow. It is cool to see the Lord to put these people in our paths. What is also interesting is that she is living with a bunch of non-members, so we are hoping we can teach them as well. 

On Wednesday we went to institute to meet a new investigator who is moving into our ward. The sisters in Västerhaninge have been teaching him and he is now in our area. We ate dinner with the YSAs and then had a lesson. It is so nice having the YSA center here in downtown Stockholm. It is so easy getting investigators there and the spirit is always super strong. 

On Thursday night we went to sports night in Gubbängen, with Idi and some of his friends. It is super cool... there are more non-members at sports night than members. It is an awesome fellow-shipping activity. 

Later in the week we pulled out mom´s oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie recipe to deliver to a couple of less-active families/investigators. We delivered it to each of them, but NONE were home, so we left them all at their doorsteps. BUT one of them called us and LOVED them and she wants the recipe... so good job mom! Now we can go back and visit them. 

So I spoke in church on Sunday. There wasn´t much time left, but I talked about applying the basic principles of the gospel and how it effects missionary work. When we follow the principles of the gospel, we have the Spirit with us, resulting in being able to be a light to others around us. Dad, I spoke about you and your co-worker in California and how you were able to be a light, and by the Spirit others were able to see your example at the workplace, resulting in this guy showing interest in the gospel. Guess what else... I also sang in sacrament meeting. They had all of the missionaries sing a musical number... it was good, but scary! My comp gave a 15 minute talk to!!! He has been out 3 weeks! He is an awesome missionary!  

On Sunday after church we went to a family´s house in our ward for dinner named the Guerras. They are a couple from Peru, but their kids are raised in Sweden. They had a son pass away on his mission in the Provo, Utah mission a couple of years ago. They have another son on a mission right now in Spain. You have no idea how happy and optimistic these people are. They are such a good example to me of faith and love, even through trying times. Their desires to serve the Lord and to stay faithful are so obvious. I am so grateful to get to know them.

This ward is so strong. There are a lot of diligent members, who are serious about missionary work. I love it here!

Well, the work is moving. We have a lot of lessons set up with new investigators so it will be exciting to see what happens. 

Well, I love each of you. Have a great week! 


Äldste Kapp

 At institute with my trainer and my trainee!

Cool picture in Kungsträdgården.

They opened a dunkin donuts in downtown Stockholm... Yeahh buddy!!

Monday, April 20, 2015



So it has been getting busier and busier here! On Monday the YSA couple asked us missionaries to give a message during family home evening. We talked about missionary work and doing missionary work through social media. 

We had a funny experience on Tuesday. We were tracting and we tracted this door in a apartment building. A lady answers the door and welcomes us right in. Her and her son were home and she invited us in and gave us some juice. We started talking and she said the sisters are coming over today... We were like... what?! Then we started talking a little more and I asked her if she was religious and she said... yeah! I am a member! Turns out she is a less active member that the sisters have been working with. We are also going to start working with her as well. It was funny to run into her though!! 

On Wednesday, we met our investigator Tim and took him to institute. They eat dinner first and then have the lesson. It was a really good lesson, but Tim was pretty dead from work so he didn't get too much out of it. It was good nevertheless. 

We started teaching a new investigator named Walter, from Bolivia. He is a really nice, older guy and is really receptive. He has felt the Spirit and knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the church is true. Right now we are just trying to convince him that he isn't too old to make a change like this and that it is something that can bless him. 

We have two new investigators, named Matillda and Katrin. Matillda is an 18 year old Swede and Katrin is her mom. We contacted Matillda on the street and met with her and her mom the next day. They ask a lot of questions and are very invested when it comes to knowing more about the church. We are really excited to keep teaching them. A big thing we are trying to help them with is just the fact that God exists. 

Another cool thing from this week was that Hampus came to Stockholm, so we went to Stockholm Central to say hi! He is doing really well and was in Stockholm for a youth stake activity. His dad is coming to sacrament meeting soon!! He asked Hampus if he could come with. I am so excited to see how it goes. I hope he will then let Hampus be baptized. 

One last cool experience from this last week. We went to the Strauss family´s house on Sunday with Tim and they had family home evening and dinner. The Spirit was so strong there and I know that Tim felt it. They made a really good impression of the church. 

Well, I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 


Äldste Kapp

                                               Just pictures of me and my comp, Elder Reed

A Lotus that is outside of our apartment everyday we walk out. (Thought Erik would appreciate that.)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Käma för Jesus pojkar

Hey ya´ll!

Well, things have been picking up more and more here and I have really enjoyed my time. I love this ward! They are really awesome.

This week has been a week of lessons not going through! We have set up a lot of appointments and they either did not show up or were not home. Most the people we had lessons set up were old investigators, so that kind of makes sense... a lot of the time they are old investigators because they were hard to meet with... But it is OKAY! Not all is lost... we have found a ton of potential investigators and new investigators. We have a lot of success finding... now we just have to teach and help them come closer to the gates of baptism. 

 We had a lesson from a new investigator named Jasmin. She is from Bosnia and she has read in the Book of Mormon. We met her with a member named Jonathan, who is a convert and just got back from his mission in Spain. He threw down and it was awesome! He basically pointed at us and said to her you better listen to these young men, because they are called of a prophet of God. They didn´t choose this, God chose them. He set the stage for a really solid lesson and the Spirit was there. 

On Saturday morning we played soccer with the ward, which was super fun. Brother Strauss is a football player and likes to use his football skills on the soccer field and knock us around ;). It was funny! After he bought us pizza. I love these families in this ward. They are so loving and willing to help out with the work. 

Later on Saturday we were contacting and we ran into this older guy. He had heard of our church before and asked why we do baptisms for the dead. We ended up having a really good conversation. When we said good bye he ended by saying, "Kämpa för Jesus pojkar" (fight for Jesus boys). Haha we thought it was a pretty funny/cool statement. 

On Sunday we got to go to church. I had to translate to English.... I don´t like translating... I am not good at listening and talking at the same time, but I did my best haha!! The ward gave us a really warm welcome! This ward is very international and fun. The bishop is German, the second counselor is Chilean, and the third is Swedish. There are a lot of Asian, American, and all other cultures here. I am loving it. 

Well, we are finally getting things organized and getting to the real missionary work. I hope you are all doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers! 


Elder Kapp

Monday, April 6, 2015

New area, new missionary, new apartment, new beginnings!!


What a week!! I wanted to first wish my mom a happy birthday. I hope you have a great day mom! 

This week has been so awesome/crazy!! I finished off my time in Linköping by saying goodbye to people and teaching Hampus one last time. I will miss the people in that area and all of the experiences I had there. 

On Wednesday I woke up at 4:30 AM to finish packing the last couple of things and to get ready for the trainers meeting. I then hopped on a train with all of my stuff and headed towards Stockholm. I had to then take a subway train to get to the chapel where they were having the trainers meeting. This was a mess! I was all by myself and and the subway trains were packed! The first one came and I knew there was no way I would fit with all of my bags so I waited for the next. The next one came and it was also packed... but I couldn't miss another train or I would be late, so I just plowed on and hoped people would move. I eventually made it to the chapel. When I got there we had a meeting with all of the new missionaries. After, we all stood up and the new missionaries read their letters which stated where they would be serving and who would be their companion. My companion is Elder Reed from Spokane, Washington and I have LOVED my time with him so far. He is a super hard worker and such a nice guy. I am going to love serving and training him... really he is training me though. He knows his stuff. 

So we then hopped on a bus which took all of the missionaries to Stockholm Central and then we all went our separate ways. It was so crazy trying to drag my luggage and my comps luggage through Stockholm central. We eventually finally made it to our stop and then made it to our apartment. Our apartment is so nice!! It has a dishwasher and stainless steal appliances!! We lucked out. And it is in an awesome location. When we got there, everything was empty. No food, no area book, nothing! So we went emergency shopping and bought a ton of food! It was death carrying it back! We had to stop like every 10 seconds because our arms were so dead. We finally made it back home. 

On Thursday morning we had district meeting. Elder Downing is my district leader... my wonderful MTC companion! I am so happy to be in the same ward as him! On Thursday night we got a text from the other Stockholm elders and they gave us a new investigator who is in our area. His name is Tim and he is from Ukraine. We took him to sports night and had a really good time. We are hoping to teach him today. 

We have spending a ton of time this week organizing an area book and calling people. This is a brand new area, so we got here with nothing. So we have been collecting teaching records for investigators in our area and have been just trying to get things rolling. For starting at 0, we actually have quite a bit set up this week. We have been just calling and calling, and then outside finding and finding. 

Saturday morning we went and played soccer with the ward. They play every Saturday! And get this... everyone there were all Americans except for one family. There are so many Americans in this ward! There are a couple of families who are here because their dads work at the embassy. This is such a loving and awesome ward. I am so happy to be here. Saturday night we went over to the Strauss family. They are an American family-Brother Strauss works in the embassy for the FBI. They made us such a nice Easter dinner and then had an Easter egg hunt. Their back yard is the Baltic Sea so there were cruise ships just going by while we were outside. We then watched conference with them. 

Sunday morning we went to another American family, the Whimers. Brother Whimer also works at the embassy and they also just live off the Baltic Sea. They fed us American pancakes and then we watched conference with them. Brother Whimer is our ward mission leader, and I am really excited to work with them. 

Sunday evening, we went over to a new missionary couple, the Woods. They fed us a great Easter dinner and we then watched conference with them. 

I loved conference. It seemed like they focused a lot on families. 

I love training and I love being Elder Reed´s companion. We work great together and have a lot of good laughs to. I am going to enjoy these next couple of months. 

Well, I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I love you! 

Äldste Kapp