Monday, May 25, 2015

Busy and Blessed Week!

Hey guys,

This has been a super busy week for us. The work has really been picking up and we have had some awesome experiences. First off... We have a baptism coming up in these next couple of weeks! Her name is Fumi and she is being baptized on the 13th of June. She is a 14 year old girl from Liberia. Her dad is a member, but isn´t active... mostly because he works on Sundays. Well Fumi has recently shown a desire to know more about the church and has been coming to church for the last month. We met with her and her step mom, who is also investigating and committed them to baptism. Fumi accepted the commitment. She is getting a ton of support from the ward. It's been awesome! All of the young women in church on Sunday were so excited for her and told her they would be coming. She is a really bright girl and has a lot of good questions and insights. 

So on Monday we had a lesson set up with a less-active member, but he didn´t show up so we ended up going by some other investigators, but none of them answered. So we ended up just contacting people on the street. We ended up talking to a Swedish guy named Michael on the street for an hour or so. He looked like he was in his 40's and his parents were investigators a long time ago and he remembered as a child having them over. We ended up talking to him just about everything you could possibly think of. He wasn´t interested in learning more, but took a picture with us haha. He was super nice and looked like he had some good impressions from our church from when he was a kid. 

Tuesday after studying we went tracting in Lindingö. We actually found quite a bit of success and got a lot of return appointments. One of those was a guy who we taught at his door while he was in his underwear haha! We then had dinner at the Brittons, a senior missionary couple who are in charge of the family history archives here in Stockholm. We ate pizza and made our own pizza´s. It was really good! 

Wednesday morning we had zone training. We talked about loving our investigators. It was really good. It helped remind me that we are here to be their FRIENDS on the way and not just preachy missionaries. Those relationships we form with people are more than just a student/teacher relationship. After training we went to Stockholm Central Station and met a new investigator named Theo. He is from somewhere from Africa and is a PhD student here in Stockholm. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and had a really good lesson with him. Later Wednesday we taught Fumi and her step mom Anna at their apartment, with Tom Heidenberg (a member). We taught them the Plan of Salvation and had a really good lesson. We set our baptismal date with Fumi here. 

On Thursday after doing our morning studies we went to do some swing-by´s in Danderyd and went by a potential investigator named Tiki. We ended up getting in with him. He is from Tanzania. He has more Nike stuff than anyone else I have ever met. Nike earrings, glasses, shirt, jacket, pants, watch, shoes, socks, (probably underwear), Nike table cloth, Nike vinyl stickers around his house... Nike everything! He is a really funny guy. He has two twin baby girls... who are probably the cutest little African babies in the world! We taught him about the Book of Mormon. He was really positive and welcomed us back. We then went to swing-by some other investigators. We got in with another couple! Their names are Johan and Cecilia. They a part of a Buddhist religion that they are both very strong in. We had a really good conversation with them. We taught them about the Restoration. They were really friendly and very respectful. 

On Friday we did our weekly planning. We spent a couple of hours planning and trying to set up appointments for next week. We then went to McDonald's with an older single woman in our ward named Katarina. She wanted to feed us, but knew she couldn´t invite us home because she is single, so she bought us McDonald's haha! She is a really sweet lady and talked to us about her conversion. Later on Friday we went to teach David on Lidingö. We watched a talk from President Monson and talked about living day prophets. We committed him to praying about our prophet today. 

Saturday morning we went and played soccer with the ward. It was a lot of fun! After we went and helped the Strauss family move some exercise equipment from the Wimmer´s  (the Wimmer family is moving to St. George next month). After helping them we went and ate pizza with Brother Strauss and his boys. Later we taught Karim. We went over and had dinner with him. Haha he gave me and Elder Reed Abba Cd's. He says he is Abba´s biggest fan. I look forward to listening to these Cd's when I get home ;). After teaching him we went by Tiki's. We taught him and his wife the Restoration. The Spirit was strong and they said they believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet. We are really excited to work with them and to help them have all of the wonderful family blessings in the church. 

Sunday was crazy this week! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. I spoke about reaching out to other members by home teaching and visiting teaching. I have really gotten a strong testimony of home teaching on my mission and have committed myself to being very diligent with it when I get home. It really does make such a big difference and some of the best missionary work can be done through it. During Sunday school we taught Fumi a lesson with another African member, named Honest. We had a really good lesson with her. After church we went to the Guerra family and ate dinner. They take such good care of us missionaries! We then went to a fireside that we had at our ward mission leaders house. President and Sister Beckstrand came and spoke and their kids were there-cool. Hey if the mission president gets visits from family, I think I should also haha jk ;). The fireside was really good though and we had two investigators show up. 

This week has been very busy and we have been so blessed. Just like always... we are blessed AFTER the trial of our Faith. We had to show our faithfulness and hard work first... and now we are getting the rewards from it. I love this work! 

I hope you all have a great week. 


Elder Kapp

Guy we talked to on the street for an hour. He requested that we take a picture

                                                      Took this picture by our apartment

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another week in Stockholm


This week has been really good. We have been getting busier and busier. They took out 2 elders in our area so we have picked up a lot of their investigators. We have been spending a lot of time getting things organized. We have a lot of positive people we are working with though! 

So on Monday we just took it easy for pday. That evening we went over to the Pence family´s house for dinner and family night. We did a "Title of Liberty" thing for their family where they had to write the things that they stand for on. They are an awesome family!

On Tuesday we spent a lot of time gathering stuff we needed from the other elders before they took off to their new areas. After the move of that stuff, we made a flyer for a fireside we have this Sunday. President and Sister Beckstrand are going to be doing a fireside for our ward in our ward mission leader's house and it is going to be directed to investigators. We are hoping to get a good turn out! We then went out and did a lot of street contacting. After contacting we came back to the YSA center to teach Matillda and her mom, Katrin. Matillda´s friend also came, Miriam. Our lessons with them always are really fun. We talk about almost every aspect of the gospel. They are really awesome. They have read a ton in the Book of Mormon and are very invested to what we are teaching. 

On Wednesday we went by an online referral we received. We knocked on the door and this lady opened and it turned out the online referral was her teenage son. She went to get him and she came back and told us that it was a joke that her son´s friends played on him and  he wasn´t really interested. She felt really guilty that we made the trip there to deliver a Book of Mormon, so she was really nice haha! She ended up taking the Book of Mormon and said she would call us if she is interested in learning more. Who knows... maybe she will end up being interested! After that we went to institute with one our investigators, Idi. He is from Uganda. 

On Thursday we started the day off going by some people who we tracted into that said we could come back. We got in with one of them. His name is Sahir. He is from Bangladesh. He is muslim, but is open to reading the Book of Mormon. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray. He said if he feels anything he will learn more. So we are going to go by him this week and see how it went. Later that night we went to teach a investigator named David. His kids are all members and we are now working with him. He has a STRONG testimony of the church and of Joseph Smith. For some reason he still hasn´t been baptized. We are trying to help him realize that he is ready for it. 

On Friday we did our weekly planning for a couple of hours. We then had a crazy, kind of dumb day. We did some swing bys and then had a lesson with a potential investigator. We were meeting him in downtown Stockholm and then planning on going to the YSA center to teach him. He said he was going to be a little late. Well after about 45 minutes we texted him and asked if he was coming and we got no reply so we finally left. About another hour later he texted us finally and said, "I am here... Where are you guys?" This was two hours later past the time we decided so we had to tell him we weren´t able to meet because by then we were on the opposite end of our area. We spent the rest of the day contacting and swinging by people. 

Saturday morning we played football with the ward. Afterwards the Strauss family took us out to get Subway and frozen yogurt. After we went back to our apartment and got changed and went to an investigator named Karim. He was once a member, but had some problems and is no longer a member. Missionaries have been working with him getting him back to the church. He loves missionaries and we had a good time with him and talked to him about obedience and the blessings we get from obedience. We had a lesson set up with another potential investigator, but he ended up not showing, so we just contacted some people on the street. 

Sacrament was crazy on Sunday. I had to translate both from Swedish to English and then to English to Swedish, because there were some talks given in English. My brain was fried after! It is so hard to listen and translate and then speak, while trying to listen to the next thing they are saying.  Elder Reed and I taught the lesson in Elders quorum. It was about the Book of Mormon being the keystone of our religion. After church we had a lesson set up with an investigator, but he had some problems and couldn´t come. So we ended up going by an old investigator, but he wasn´t home. It was raining so hard, but the only thing we really had to do was to contact and we couldn´t tract because all of the buildings are locked in Stockholm. So we just tried talking to people on the street in the rain. We came home pretty wet! 

Well, that is it for this week. Love you guys! Have a great week. 


Elder Kapp

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fasting... It works!!

Hey guys,

So this week has been good. We saw some miracles from a fast we did. We started the week with our p-day. We went to the Vasa Museum. It was my second time going there, but it was good going again and it was cool for Elder Reed to see it. That night we had a lesson scheduled with a potential investigator, but they were not there so we knocked doors instead. We began knocking and we just weren´t feeling the Spirit and were not having any success. So I asked Elder Reed if we could stop and say a prayer. There was such a contrast from before and after the prayer. We were both much happier and found a couple people who were interested in meeting with us. 

The next couple of days we spent just about doing nothing but contacting and tracting. I think we were both pretty discouraged. It seemed like we were putting 100% into the work, but only getting a small amount back. So we decided we would have a special fast for the work here. Since then we have seen miracles. We have found handfuls and handfuls of interested people and we now have almost a larger pool of people than we can handle. I have seen so many miracles from fasting on my mission. It works!! 

On Saturday we taught a new investigator named Melinda, from Iran. She seems really positive and interested. She has a very sincere desire to learn. 

We had stake conference Saturday night and Sunday morning. There were a lot of good talks. It seemed like the theme was just serving and helping others. We had 4 investigators come to stake conference. 

And then the obvious highlight of the week was skyping home!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

Have a great week ya´ll! 


Elder Kapp

Me on the top of the podium after playing soccer. Just because I am the best.


                                Elder Cushing and I one last time before he heads to America!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Valborg week!!

Hey guys,

Well we have been busy here. It sometimes feels like we aren´t doing much or accomplishing much. We get a lot of rejection, but at the end of the day if you look closely, you see that there were miracles happening all day. It kind of reminds me of biking. When we are road biking, we are often times riding in the most beautiful places, but we don't really think about that too much, because we are so focused on the race and you end up just looking at the guys butt in front of you. I have learned on my mission to lift up my head and to not just look at the butts in front of me, but the beautiful things that are happening around me. I think this is a lesson that everyone can apply, whether you are a missionary in Sweden or going through some trials at home. 

Well, we started this week off by teaching Matillda and her mom Katrin at the YSA center. They had read half of 1 Nephi and had taken notes. It was exciting to see them so invested in their studying. We are trying to help them see the importance of prayer and praying to know the things they are reading are true. It is good to read for information, but we cannot know any spiritual truths without prayer. We ended up teaching them about the articles of faith... we hadn´t planned on teaching that, but we kind of abandoned ship, and it ended up being really good. I know if they continue searching they will know that it is true. Everyone does, if they honestly search. 

Tuesday morning we had district meeting. It was about effective studies. This is something I have learned on my mission. We can´t survive without personal scripture study. It is amazing how little we have to do to stay spiritually strong. The Lord just asks us to pray, study scriptures, hold weekly FHE, and keep the commandments. I have committed myself to do this when I get home for the rest of my life. It is SO important. Later on Tuesday we went and taught a less active named Nadia. We taught her about holding her own family home evenings with her son. We are going to have a family home evening with them this week. Her son, Sam, is not a member and is 12 years old. We are hoping to teach and baptize him. 

On Wednesday the zone leaders came in our area and we went on splits. Elder Rasmussen and I were together and we had the car. We tried to knock out as many swing-bys as possible, while we had the car. We got in contact with several less-active members and also found some new potential investigators. We were trying to give this new area a boost, since we started from scratch. It's slowing going forward. 

Thursday was Valborg! That is the holiday in Sweden where they burn huge bon fires. It represents burning all of the dead things, to welcome in Spring. We started off the day by going out to eat lunch with the Woods. They are a senior couple here in Stockholm and they wanted to take me and my companion out to lunch. They are an awesome couple and all of the missionaries love them. We are really happy to be able to work with them. After lunch we went and dropped a Book of Mormon to a potential investigator that we contacted on the street last week. Her name is Deborah and she is from Tanzania. We weren´t able to teach her because she lives alone, so we just dropped off the Book of Mormon and talked a little about it. We are planning on teaching her again this week. After, we went and ate dinner with the Carlssons, a family in our ward. After eating we walked down to a fire
that they were having near their house. There were a lot of member families at the fire, so it was a lot of fun! 

On Friday morning we went to help out with a service project. A bishop in a neighboring ward is doing some huge landscaping changes in his yard and needed a lot of help. So they had all of the youth from both wards, including the missionaries. We were there and helped move soil to level out there back yard. After the project we came home and did our weekly planning. 

Saturday, we did ANOTHER service project. They did a spring cleaning at the church, so we were there helping with that. After helping with that we came back and changed and then went to some members home, named the Heidenbergs. They are a couple from Finland. We were able to eat with them, and then practice taught the Restoration with them. 

We had a really good Fast-Sunday this week. We had a lot of really good testimonies and lessons in church. After church, we went to the Guerra´s house for dinner. They are so funny and we end up just laughing and laughing when we are with them. They take really good care of us missionaries. After that we went to our ward mission leaders house for correlation meeting. We first got showed up in ping-pong by his boys, and then had our meeting. They are also another awesome family here. 

Well, have a happy mothers day mom!! Talk to you guys on Sunday!

Love ya!

Elder Kapp