Monday, September 28, 2015

Down in Malmö

Hey guys,

I don´t have a ton of time today, so I will keep this email short. BUT... I am now in Malmö and so far it has been really good here. I am serving with Elder Ahlstrom. This place is very different from Umeå... it is weird going from small cities to big cities. The work is so different! But it´s been good so far. 

A couple of cool things that happened this last couple of weeks....

We were able to visit the Copenhagen temple this last Saturday with the ward. We did baptisms and confirmations, and then did a session. It felt really good to be able to go into the temple after a long time of not visiting. Oh... and guess who I saw in the temple?! Kendra Perkins!! She is serving in Denmark and was doing a session there. CRAZY that we just happened to be in a session at the same time, because we missionaries don´t get to visit the temple a lot. 

We also got to go into Stockholm for MLC on Monday and Tuesday. We spent Monday with the Pence family. They took us out to lunch there and then we went into Gamla Stan so I could buy some souvenirs, and it started POURING! We then went back to their house for dinner. I was super happy we were able to spend time with them again! 

Our meetings on Tuesday were really good. I love being able to be in the mission home and feel the Spirit there. We talked about the Sabbath day and sacrament, and helping our investigators understand the doctrine of it. 

Well, the work is going well here. We have been doing a lot of finding, trying to increase our teaching pool. It will be fun to see what happens. 

I love you and hope you all have a great week!! 


Elder Kapp

Monday, September 14, 2015

Yeah... I saw the Northern Lights and I am being transferred down south.


If you look at the title of this email you can probably guess that this week has been pretty sweet!! So Elder Featherstone and I just got in bed one night and our phone starts ringing and it´s the elders in Boden. Elder Featherstone was first was like, "uh... we will call them back in the morning." We were DEAD tired and it feels like the phone is always ringing, so we figured we could just call them back... But then Elder Featherstone thought maybe it was an emergency, so he called them back and I am so glad that he did! The elders were calling us to tell us the northern lights were out. We stepped outside onto our balcony and it was just green all over the sky! It was one of the coolest experiences in my life! I said a prayer that night and told my Heavenly Father thanks for making this earth a pretty cool place. 

Well, Wednesday morning we hit the road and drove up to Skellefteå to work with the elders there. We basically contacted the ENTIRE day. Skelleteå is one of the harder areas in the mission so we wanted to just pump up the elders there and give them as many potential investigators as possible rolling into this next transfer. Altogether, we got 21 phone numbers that day of people who were interested in learning more. Pretty good success!! They had a food festival downtown that Elder Reed and I checked out earlier this year when they were in Stockholm. We were able to wind down and take a quick break there before hitting the pavement again. The next morning we woke up and drove to Boden to work with the elders there. They had district meeting so we joined in and then I was with Elder Svensson the rest of the day. Elder Svensson is my trainer´s little brother. We had a really good day teaching, finding, etc. We also got to ride bikes, which was fun!! 

Well, the other exciting news of the week is I am going to be transferring to Malmö. I think that will be my final area on my mission. I will be serving with Elder Ahlstrom, who is going home in 6 weeks. I am stoked to serve with him! They speak Swedish with a really hard Danish dialect down south so it will be interesting to see if I understand anything anyone is saying when I get down there ;)

So I have one last kind of spiritual thought I want to leave you guys with this week. So the other day I was doing personal study, just sitting at my desk. And I kind of had like an hour day dream of thinking about all of my blessings. I just spent the time going through all of the MANY blessings I have in my life and I felt SO good after! I was like in the best mood I had been in for a long time. It got me thinking... Why does the Lord ask us to thank Him when we pray? I am certain it is not to flatter Him. My personal opinion is that we do it for our own good! We learn to be humble and realize how much help we are getting from the Lord when we thank Him.  And hey!... Just like me, we feel a lot better when we do it too! So I encourage you to REALLY take the time and think about those blessings you have received. If you do it you will be MUCH happier, because you will realize you are more blessed than you would first think. The promise is real... He opens up the windows of heaven onto His faithful, righteous servants. And I know I don´t have enough room to receive all of these blessings!

Well, next weeks email may or may not be written in Danish ;) Have a great week!


Elder Kapp

                                           Me and Elder Svensson riding our bikes in Boden

                                      Us and Daniel, an awesome member here in Umeå

                                 Me saying goodbye to Reuben. I am going to miss this guy!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Another week up in the north!

Hey guys!

Well, this transfer is starting to wrap up! We will be getting transfer calls on Friday. It is crazy how fast it is going by! Just three months left after this, but I am not counting down and still going full speed ahead. 

On Tuesday we had a zone conference, so we flew down Monday night. Monday night we stayed at the Gubbängen elder's apartment and there were 10 missionaries staying at that apartment! It was crazy. I was so dead tired though I fell right asleep on the floor! Zone conference was super good on Tuesday. The second counselor to the mission president, Håkan Palm, spoke about the history of the church in Sweden and the first missionary in Sweden. Whenever I hear about stories of previous missionaries in Sweden, I am filled with gratitude and so proud to be able to leave my mark here and continue the work. The Beckstrands and the assistants also spoke a lot about Preach My Gospel and how we should use it both during and after our missions. I really like and appreciate the way the Beckstrands teach. They don´t just teach us as full-time missionaries, but prepare us to be life-time missionaries. And of course we had time after the meetings before our flight back to Umeå, so we went over to the Pence´s house for dinner! I love that family! We flew in and got home pretty late. 

On Wednesday we had to do stake reports, which is basically we call each companionship in the zone and make this report on google docs that is sent to President Beckstrand and then to the stake presidency and branch presidents. I don't know why, but it took SO long. We ended up spending most the day doing it! We also taught Jouko English, which was fun! It had been a while since I had seen him! 

On Thursday we were swinging by some potential investigators and we walked past Åsa´s house ( a recent convert) and she was outside sitting down talking to her brother. Long story short... we ended up sitting by them and got to talk quite a bit about the church with her brother. We also went back Friday morning and played board games with him and Åsa. We are trying to be his friend and warm him up to the missionaries! It is always super fun playing with them! 

We found out this week that Azim is moving because his contract with the university as a researcher expired. It broke my heart hearing that he is leaving. He has made so much progress over time since we have been teaching him. 

So on Sunday we went to Örnskoldsvik to do some baptismal interviews. The elders there are baptizing two Cambodian brothers this upcoming Sunday. They are going to be baptized in the ocean! I was able to interview one of them and Elder Featherstone interviewed the other. The Spirit was so strong during the interview. I was able to see a young man's willingness to follow God´s plan for him.

One other cool story from this week. So while I was in Linköping I found and taught a guy named Thomas who was very, very atheist when I found him. Well, he was baptized this last Saturday! It was really cool to see someone that I was able to find and begin teaching make such a change. It´s so cool seeing people progress in the gospel. 

Well, I love you all! Have a great week. 


Elder Kapp 

                                          Us on the airplane going down to Zone Conference

                               Me, Elder James, and Elder Featherstone at zone conference

                              Us and the Cambodian boys who are getting baptized next week!