Monday, October 26, 2015

Last transfer!!

Hey guys! 

Well, we got transfer news. I am going to be staying in Malmö for my last 6 weeks. My new companion will be Elder Ryan Johnson, from Sandy, Utah. It will be a good last 6 weeks here in Sweden! It´s weird to say that I am in the next group of missionaries to go home. 

 My week was really good. I gave a talk on Sunday about the Atonement. I compared the Atonement to when I was little and would buy a small toy or candy bar at the store. I remember I would always have just enough to buy whatever I was buying, but I always forgot to include sales tax. I remember being short a couple of times, thinking I had enough money. Mom or dad would be standing behind me and would pay the rest of the price for me. This is similar to the Atonement. We all fall short of the price that needs to be paid, but luckily for us we have a Savior, who is the only one who can pay it, because he himself is without debt. Just like mom and dad, He is standing behind us willing to pay the price for us. It is just up to us to let Him. 

Our week was pretty normal! Full of teaching and tracting! On Thursday I went on splits with Elder Nielsen in Lund. We had a good time and taught some people there. On Friday we had to wake up at 4:30, because Elder Nielsen was going into Stockholm for a meeting for trainers. So I sent him off on his train and then took my train back to Malmö to meet up with Elder Ahlstrom and Elder Nielsen´s companion. 

On Friday we went to Brandon and Stina´s with all of the missionaries and they fed us chicken liver, blood pudding, bread with liver paste, and some jelly made from a calf. Well... I can say I won´t be iron deficient any time soon! Yummm ;)

Well, I love you guys! Hope you have a good week and a fun Halloween! :)


Elder Kapp

 This is me and Elizabeth. She is a member we visit every once in a while to give her support.

Monday, October 19, 2015

It is true!

Hey guys, 

Well this week has been a really good one, with some really neat experiences. We had the assistants here on splits on Saturday, but other than that it´s been a pretty normal week. 

I wanted to share a couple of cool things that happened this past week. First, on Saturday while we were driving in the car to an appointment the phone rang and it was one of our investigators. His name is Coci, and is from Serbia. He has lived in Sweden for quite some time and speaks fluent Swedish. Well, last week we taught him about the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and some pamphlets and asked him to read and pray. Well, when he called, he said over the phone in Swedish, "I read your book and your pamphlet and did what you said, and prayed. It is true, it is true! I love that book, I love Jesus, and I love you guys!" We were so happy for him! I know that the promise in the Book of Mormon is true. Those who honestly seek, shall find. 

Another cool thing happened in church yesterday. We were sitting in sacrament meeting and a member came up to me and whispered that one of our investigators was sitting in the back. I looked back and thought, "Hmm... he isn´t one of our investigators, but he looks really familiar." I went back and sat by him and started talking to him. Turns out he was a guy we talked to in the park and we gave him a pass-along card with the church´s meeting times and address on it. He actually came! He said after the meeting that he wants to come every week. He also asked to meet with us, and of course we gladly accepted! 

It is really cool to once again see the work progress in a new area. Some days it feels like we aren´t doing so much, but in the end we have to realize that it is not our work, and the Lord has His hand in all things. We just need to be obedient, worthy instruments in His hands. I love this work. Some days it is really hard and I want to just throw in the towel, but I know in the end I am going to miss is like crazy. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. 


Elder Kapp

Monday, October 12, 2015

Great Week!

Hey everyone!

Well this week has been good. The time gap for me as a full-time missionary is getting smaller and smaller. It's both scary, sad, happy, exciting, etc. I feel like every emotion every day thinking back on my mission and thinking about it coming to an end. I realize more often now how much of a privilege it is to be out here and how much I don't want it to be over. BUT, I still have 2 months left, so we aren't going to think about that too much!

This week started off with a fun p-day! We went and played soccer on this funky field that is like rolling hills and weird shaped goals. I will send pictures so you can see. It was both really fun/hard. After playing soccer, we went over to Brandon and Stina's and did their first family home evening with them! We had them give the different assignments and we just helped and participated. Those two are fantastic!

So this week we were able to meet with Thomas. Him and Tisha are now reading the Book of Mormon daily together. The Spirit is always so strong in the lessons with him. In our last lesson, me, Elder Ahlstrom, and Tisha shared our testimonies of the Book of Mormon.

So on Thursday we drove to Helsingborg to visit their district meeting and then I went on splits with Elder Walton, from Murray, Utah. We had a ton of fun on splits! One of our lessons was with this family who lives quite a ways away from the church and have no car so they can't make it on Sundays. But their kids were taught the gospel so well and we had such a good lesson with them. It's so good to be able to strengthen a family like that. I can only imagine how discouraging it would be living so far from the church. They appreciated our visit so much and I think I appreciated it even more, feeling so humbled watching them strive to live after the gospel to the best of their ability.

So on Saturday we really took one for the team and played paint ball with the young men and young women haha )! We actually got a call from the young men's president saying there would be a ton of less-actives and nonmembers there so we were there to try and build some relationships with them, and shoot them while we were at it :) We went to a public place were they had everything set up so we just had to show up. They all expected us to be amazing because we are Americans and can shoot guns whenever we want... Ha no! We got destroyed. Especially at the very end when they got over the intercom and yelled "Alla mot alla!" (All against all). Elder Rowley and I were completely out of paintballs so these kids just popped around where we were hiding and we had nowhere to run so they just unloaded on us. Haha the things we do to find in investigators in Sweden.

Well, I love you all!

Elder Kapp

Monday, October 5, 2015

What a great conference weekend!

Hey guys, 

This week has been fantastic, especially with having general conference this weekend. It was probably my favorite conference I have watched in my life, and it wasn´t the speakers alone that made it so good, but it was me going in with a searching heart, looking for answers to specific questions I have. I received very specific answers for each question I had from the Spirit. You should try this next time, if you have never done it. I hope we can always prioritize listening to our living prophets and apostles. I think we sometimes take this for granted. I felt especially touched by a couple of  specific talks given. One was the talk given by Elder Holland. It woke me up to an even greater realization of the blessing it is to have a mother who is so willing to sacrifice and teach me in the ways of the Lord. Nobody knows how to love more than mothers, save it be the Savior Himself. Thank you mom for all that you do for me. 

I also felt especially grateful to our dear prophet Thomas S. Monson, who gave a talk. I think it was very obvious to everyone that it took every last ounce of energy he had to give that talk. I appreciate a man who is so willing to give everything for the Lord. 

Besides conference, our week has been good. On Monday we were able to meet with a less-active member named John. He bought us dinner and we shared a message about the meaning of the sabbath day and the sacrament. He said it was just what he needed to hear, and he came to the church to watch the priesthood session on Sunday. 

Tuesday morning we spent contacting in the park. After we went to Brandon and Stina´s, a recently baptized couple in the ward. They are AWESOME and both have really cool conversion stories. We taught them about family home evening and will be going by tonight to have a FHE with them. After, we went and helped Thomas (one of our investigator, who just married a member) move into his new wife´s apartment. After that we went over to our ward mission leader´s for correlation meeting and dinner. 

Wednesday, we spent the first half of the day talking to people in the park. Later, we went with the other elders and helped an older lady in the ward move some stuff out of her apartment. We then had ward council. The ward council is awesome here! They spent most of the time talking about the missionary work and helping our investigators and less-actives. It shows, because they have awesome retention in this ward and a lot of less-actives coming back. We finished off the day teaching a new investigator named Leschelle. She is from the Philippines. We taught her with Brandon. It was awesome to hear him, as a new convert, testify of the church. The Spirit was so strong coming out of his mouth. 

On Thursday we went to Växjö for work-overs with the elders there. We went to their district meeting and then worked with them for the rest of the day. I was with Elder Hainsworth, from Seattle. We spent the entire day going by people, tracting, and contacting. We found some really positive potential investigators for them! We drove back Friday morning! 

When we got back, we went and had lunch with Björn and Christian, two return missionaries in the ward. We then went over to Brandon and Stina´s and talked to them a little bit about conference. We then had dinner at Thomas and Tisha´s. We finished off by going to the ward sports night. 

Saturday morning we went over by a less-active named Heber. He is from South America, somewhere Spanish speaking. Later, we went to a wedding! The other elders had two investigators who were being married in the chapel by the bishop. They didn´t want anyone so it was literally us, the bishop, and the ward mission leader´s family. It was a bit of a spontaneous wedding I guess, but hey I am sure they saved a lot of money and stress ;). 

One last thing I wanted to say this week. Hampus Ivarsson, after a year of waiting to turn 18, will be baptized this week in Linköping's branch. I am so proud of that kid. He has been so faithful in enduring this long year to be baptized. He is such a good example to me. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Elder Kapp

                                                             Temple in Copenhagen

                                   Elder Ahlstrom and Me at Thomas and Tisha´s wedding