Monday, November 30, 2015

11 More Days.

Hey guys, 

Well, this morning was interesting. My companion and I woke up a little earlier, since the other missionaries email later in the day. We got to the church and there was a suspicious car sitting in the parking lot and one of the classroom windows of the church was wide open. We went inside and saw that it was broken open. So we went throughout the church, turned on all of the lights, and then opened all of the doors. Nobody was in the church so we went outside and looked inside the car. There was somebody passed out in the back. The whole situation seemed a little iffy so I called the police. We knocked on the window of the car and two guys sat up and opened the car door. It was obvious that they were smoking something! They took off before I could get the license plate number. Luckily, nothing seems to be taken! That was my little piece of excitement for the day. 

I never thought I would be at this point of my mission, but I can now say that the end is very, very close. We have had a good week here. Last Monday, I got my last haircut before going home and then my companion and I just did a bunch of random things... played ping pong and went to a mall. Later on Monday we went and ate dinner at a member's house. After that, we went by an in-active member that the ward wanted us to go by. We called him on the port-telefon by the apartment door and he answered, asked who it was, and said he wasn´t interested. I have done that 1000 times and have had that response so many of those times, but it still hurts me a little when people turn away from the church. After going by him, we went contacting. It was COLD! We were able to give out a Book of Mormon to a guy on the street. 

On Tuesday, we spent the first half of the day contacting and doing swing bys. At 4:00 we met with a new investigator we found. His name is Russell and he is from Bangladesh. He is studying here at the university in Malmö. We taught him about the Restoration. The lesson went well. He has had a hard life and I know our message could really help him. After, we went and met with Thomas and Tisha. They were able to make it to church this last Sunday, which was great! We talked a lot about how Thomas´ faith can grow in what we are teaching. We read from Alma 32 and discussed how he can nourish his faith in what we are teaching. I am confident he will one day become a member, but not until he dedicates time to read and pray. We then had a lesson set up with a new investigator named Maria, but she cancelled. Instead we went by a less-active member named Nancy. She was not home, but her teenage boys were so we talked to them for a little bit. 

Wednesday we had district meeting. After that we had a meeting with the missionaries in Malmö and planned out our part of the Christmas party, since the ward wants us to take 10 minutes. We are going to do something similar to "Kid History." We recorded a bunch of the primary kids telling us the nativity scene. We are going to act out teaching people on the street about the nativity, acting out to their voices. It will either be really funny and good or a train wreck... haha. After that we went and helped Elisabeth take some things out of her apartment. We finished the night off by going to ward council. The ward council is GREAT here. They focus so much on us missionaries. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving!! We went to Lund and ate as a district. The Neihbuhrs, the senior couple put together a great dinner and we played some fun games afterwards. Once we got back to Malmö, we went and visited a less-active young man, with one of the young men leaders. We had a really good lesson with him and talked to him about the basic principles of the gospel. He lives about 40 minutes away from the church, so it is really hard for him to come. We are just trying to keep contact with him so he doesn´t fall through the cracks and hopefully he will be able to stay afloat until he one day lives closer to a church. 

So on Friday we had a visitor in Malmö. Mahin... one of our investigators in Linköping was visiting Malmö. She is a post pHd student and was writing an article that she asked me to help edit. So we met her at the church and helped her for a little bit. We didn´t have very much time, so had to finish helping her on Saturday morning. Later on Friday we went to an in-active member´s house who called and asked us to come and bless his apartment. He is a younger guy, about the same age as us, and is a DJ here in Malmö. He hasn´t been to church for quite a while, but felt like he wanted to bless his apartment, so called us missionaries. He had two friends over, so it was cool to be able to talk to them a little about the church. We then had a lesson set up with Russell, but it fell through so we ended up just doing our monthly car report. We then had correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and then had sports night at the church. 

Saturday morning we went and finished helping Mahin with her paper. After, we went over to Brandon and Stina´s and taught them one of the post-baptism lessons. They are doing really well. Teaching new members is always fun. They are filled with so many questions and some are really hard to answer. We then went and got some groceries for them, because they both were sick. After that, we came back to our apartment and did weekly planning. We then had a lesson with two new investigators at the church. We waited for them at the church for a while and they finally came an hour late. We taught them a good lesson, however they are both Muslim and pretty set in their ways. They said they would take a Book of Mormon and if they felt the Spirit, they would meet with us again. 

We had a really good day in church on Sunday. After church we went and ate dinner at a member´s house, name Per Larsson. After dinner we went and taught Leschelle, with Johan. She is really positive towards us, but doesn´t keep commitments and isn´t progressing. So we tried to reestablish expectations and will see if she starts doing things. After that we went with Johan and gave the sacrament for some people who couldn´t come to church. 

This is my last full week as a missionaries. I am both very sad and very happy to be coming home. This last week should be a good one though! I love you all. 

Elder Kapp
                       When Paris plays Malmö in the champions league... They call him Zlatan. 

                                            The district in the elevator leaving district meeting.


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