Monday, November 23, 2015

2 weeks...

Hey guys, 

First, I am glad to hear that Elder Kapp 2.0 is happy and healthy in the MTC. Just keep pushing Elder! The beginning is a little different and slightly uncomfortable... especially for those who haven´t lived away from home for a long period of time. ENJOY it too! The MTC can seem long, because you are in classrooms all day, but I honestly took those 6 weeks in that spiritual bubble for granted. I love you man!

Anyways... this week has been good. We have not been able to meet with Helen, because she has been in and out of the hospital. So the baptism probably isn´t going to happen on the 5th, but that´s okay. She is still going to make a baptismal date, just not that date. 

Monday we didn´t really do pday since we were visiting the temple this week. We visited a less-active member named Kevin. We talked to him just about everything. We kind of just focused on how by following the basic principles of the gospel and doing those basic things, the Spirit will help us have a desire to come to church. After visiting him, we went by the Paxsen family, a family who lives really far away from the church and has no car, so for them to get to church they have to stay with family here in Malmö the night before, which makes it so they come rarely. They are an awesome family though! Their 8 year old son, Christoffer, really wanted to make sure he got to say goodbye before I took off, so he and Brother Paxsen made it to church on Sunday. They are really good people! 

Tuesday was spent doing a lot of finding. We went contacting for hours and then went by some investigators. Tuesday night we had a special broadcast in Europe for all of the ward councils. The area presidency, along with Elder Ballard spoke to us about working in the ward councils. Elder Ballard gave an awesome talk. They all basically talked about how the ward council is the working engine of the church and how it needs to function for the rest of the ward to function. They focused on one of the goals for Europe for the year, which is that every member would bring one friend to church during the year 2015. Think of the effect that would have if EVERY member brought just one friend to church once. Many would come and would probably not come again, but there would also be so many that would feel the Spirit and want to learn more. I hope we can all make a goal to invite 1 friend. That would do so much! 

Wednesday morning we had district meeting. After the meeting we ate lunch and then went contacting for a couple of hours. Haha we got a call from Elisabeth... she needed help setting one of her alarm clocks. We went over with the other elders. After that we went and ate a member´s named David Fondell. 

Thursday morning we drove up to Helsingborg and went to their district meeting. I then went on splits with Elder Groberg in Helsingborg. We first did some swing-bys and contacting. After we went and ate dinner at a member´s house. The wife there was the cutest/funniest, old Filipino lady. Her name is Lucy and she is like 4 feet tall and fed us SO much food. She just kept piling food on our plates and said, "Don´t shy. Feel like home." After meeting with her we went and met with an investigator named Mats. We met him at a grocery store and taught him outside on a bench, so he could smoke. We taught him about the Restoration. It was cold. Really cold! But the lesson went pretty good and he seems like he is willing to read and pray. 

Friday morning we drove back to Malmö. On our way back we stopped by Lund to pick something up and ended up eating lunch at the YSA center with the Neihbuhrs, the senior couple and the missionaries in Lund. After that we did some planning. We then went to some members house to borrow their bridge pass, so we could get to Denmark on Saturday. While we were there, Sister Saffer asked us if she could make us dinner. So we stayed and she made some food for me and my companion, which was really nice of her! After that, we went to the church for sports night. We had a decent turn out, but only one non-member came this week. 

Saturday was great! We got to drive to Copenhagen and got to visit the temple. We first did baptisms with some of the youth from Denmark. After that we did a session. Copenhagen is an awesome city! After the temple we went and got KFC and Dunkin Donuts (since they have them in Denmark). It snowed like crazy on the drive home and snowed all day Sunday! 

Sunday was a really good day in church. We had the primary program and guess who got to translate to English this week... Haha those kids speak REALLY fast so I was having a really hard time translating and then keeping up with what they were saying at the same time. It was fun though! After church, we went over with Johan and gave Elisabeth the sacrament. After that, we visited a 96 year old member, named Märta, at her nursing home. We were able to give her the sacrament and give her a blessing as well. We then went by a member named Kent, who we are working with trying to help quit smoking and talked about submitting to the Savior and letting him take our weaknesses. 

It´s been a really good week. I am so excited for the Christmas season to be around the corner, which makes it a perfect time to share with people the true meaning of Christmas. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Elder Kapp  
                                                    The Kristus statue in Copenhagen

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