Monday, November 2, 2015

The beginning of the end...

I am going to try and be a bit more detailed this week, since my last couple of emails have been kind of lame!

Well, here's the beginning of the lasts as a missionary! I just had my last transfer and got my last companion. Like I said last week, my companion is Elder Johnson. The guy has a great enthusiasm for the work and is pretty lovable. Should be a solid last 6 weeks! 

So the beginning of the week was full of goodbyes for Elder Ahlstrom, before he left for home. He left Wednesday morning and we spent Monday and Tuesday seeing quite a bit of people. On Tuesday night we met with Thomas and his wife, who is a member. When we began the lesson he said he received an answer... but not the answer we want to hear. He said he feels like the Book of Mormon is true, but isn´t the only way to God. He said he might become a member in the church one day, but now isn´t his time. The thing is, he hasn't read in the Book of Mormon for a long time, since they got married and he got a new job. Before he was sharing his testimony in elders quorum. It is so easy to lose Spiritual light. Just like President Hinckley says, faith is like a muscle. If you don't exercise it becomes weak. Even though we were disappointed, I think there is a good lesson learned here. It shows how fast we can get lost if we stop doing those simple, but important things. 

On a lighter note... Tuesday evening we went over to a members house for pizza. The dad of the family has a recording studio in his basement and he wanted us to record a missionary rap. Haha it was pretty funny... be ready for it. 

Wednesday was transfer day and it was CRAZY! I spent most the day helping missionaries with luggage and driving to and from the station. In the middle of the day I was on splits with Elder Rowley and we went to the church to teach one of our investigators, Jukko. We taught him about the restoration and had a really good lesson. He is really sincere and I know that this gospel can change his life. My companions train was delayed because there were some problems and he had to take a replacement bus. He came in pretty late, but after a while he finally showed up. 

Thursday morning we had district meeting in Lund. After that we came back into Malmö and went to teach a less-active member named Tommie, with a member. Tommie had been less active for a really long time, but he came last Sunday. We found out that he has had cancer and has had treatment in the past. The cancer has become malignant again and is spreading throughout his body. We gave him a blessing while we were there. He seems to be very humbled and I think that is why he came to church. Trials seem to help people remember the Lord a little more. After Tommie on Tuesday we went over to the second counselor of the bishopric´s house and helped him and his family clean, because they were moving the next day and had a lot to do. After that we went to the church for the ward Halloween party. They did a bunch of different activities and had a spook alley in the basement of the church. There was a really good turnout! 

Friday we went over to Elizabeth´s with the other elders. We go over there weekly to strengthen her and help her with anything she needs around her apartment. After that my companion and I did weekly planning. After weekly planning we went to the church and had correlation meeting with our assistant ward mission leader. We finished off the night by having sports night at the church. We had a really good turnout from the members, but not our investigators... Too bad! 

Saturday morning we went over to the church to help out with fall cleaning. We raked some leaves and got the garden ready for winter. Right after that the sisters had a baptism. My companion and I were the witnesses. The girl being baptized, Shanice, was baptized by her brother Mike. They are both Norwegian, so my comp and I were scrambling to find the baptismal prayer in Norwegian, since we were witnessing. It was luckily basically the same as it is in Swedish! After the baptism my companion and I began the funnest thing ever... Stake Reports!! (That was sarcasm... they are the worst). We basically write a report about less actives, new converts, and other stuff that we send to the mission president, who then forwards it to the stake and ward leaders. It takes like 6 hours!! We spent the rest of the day Saturday doing those and still didn´t finish. Saturday was "Alla Helgons Dag" (All Saints Day). So that evening we went to a cemetery with the other missionaries to look at the candles. There were some really cool ones! I will send pictures. 

Sunday morning, my companion and I got to drive to Helsingborg to pick up some phones that we need to take with us to Stockholm to be fixed. So we drove there and back before church. Church was really good. The ward kind of dropped the youth Sunday School lesson on my companion and me, because the teacher didn´t show. Since we didn´t really have time to prepare anything we just opened it up to a Q&A about missions and preparing for a mission. It was really good. There is a pretty large group of youth here! After church we went and ate dinner at the Grant family´s house. After that my companion and I finished stake reports. When we got done it was about 8 o´clock. So we drove into downtown Malmö and just contacted people until we needed to go home. We talked to a couple for a really long time and we able to give them a Book of Mormon. Like always, it seems like it is the last contacts late at night that you have success with. When we give the Lord just a little more and sacrifice just a little more, He provides success in our lives. 

Have a great week! 


Elder Kapp

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