Monday, November 9, 2015

Travel Itinerary... :(


It´s getting real. I got my travel plans. I arrive in Salt Lake at 7:17 on December 10th. I really don´t feel ready for this, but ready or not... here we come. I love my mission so much and I hope I can make the most of these last 4 weeks. 

So we started this week off by heading down to Stockholm for MLC. We left Monday morning anndd... of course we went over to the Pence family´s house. We had a family home evening with the missionaries in Stockholm and some of their investigators (one of them was from Brazil, dad... can´t remember the name of the city, but he said it was pretty close to Recife). Fumi, the girl we baptized in Stockholm, was also there and she is doing great! They have taken such good care of her and she is still going strong. Crazy to think that the next time I am in Stockholm will be when I fly home! 

MLC was super good! The focus was on faith and diligence... a good topic to focus on going into these cold, dark winter months. We mostly talked on the simplicity of the gospel and how by simply doing what we are supposed to and having faith in the Savior everything else just kind of falls into place. I have seen this especially on my mission. For the most part, I have not done anything crazy and spectacular. But by simply working hard and being obedient I have been able to find the success that the Lord sees fit for me. By simply doing those simple things like waking up on time and reading my scriptures, I have been able to see a change in myself and in other's lives too. I still shake my head every time I go tracting or contacting and the fact that we are able to get so many people to let us in or give us their phone number. That alone is a miracle. And once again, it´s not me. I am not something special. But it´s through the Lord. So when we see our lives with tasks that seem impossible, whether it's a missionary trying to find someone to teach or a "normal" person trying to make a big decision, by simply doing what´s right, the Lord can work miracles and do more with our lives than we ever imagined. 
Wednesday was a cool day. We spent a good portion of the day planning for our zone training that we had on Thursday and after we were able to meet with some previous investigators named Helen and Jeremy. They are a married couple, with a baby boy. Helen is from Columbia and Jeremy is from France. Helen knows a lot about the church. Her ex husband is a member and she has met the missionaries quite a bit. We were able to get in and teach an awesome lesson about how the gospel will bless their family. We set a baptismal date for Helen for December 5th... my last Saturday as a missionary. Jeremy needs a little bit more time because he doesn´t know that much about the church, but I am sure he will come around. Before we left, Helen said her biggest dream is to have their family sealed together in the temple. 

Thursday morning we had zone training. It was my last time teaching other missionaries. It was weird sharing my thoughts and feelings in front of them for the last time. We had some lessons after on Thursday night. One was with someone that I found in Linköping, named Costa. He has since moved to Malmö to study. There have been so many miracles teaching him. The first day that I contacted him in Linköping he was smoking and we showed him the "He is the Gift" video. He later told us that he, in a desperate and depressed part of his life, prayed for the first time in a very long time the day we contacted him. And then a year later I called him here in Malmö. When I called him and set up a time to meet he said, "this is a super weird coincidence, but I just happened to pick up that book you gave me a year ago and read it for a couple of hours yesterday." There have just been a lot of weird "coincidences" with him. He admits that he has felt the Spirit while studying the Book of Mormon, just has a hard time wrapping his head around Joseph Smith. I don´t know why, but the Lord wants him, because he keeps sending Costa in my path. 

Well, I would say that is it for the cool things that happened this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Elder Kapp

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